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Duncker, (Paul) Georg (Egmont)


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 5: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement I)


Born: 1870, Hamburg, Germany. Died: 1953, Ahrensburg near Hamburg, Germany.



Zoologist, mainly ichthyologist, educated at the universities of Kiel, Freiburg, and Berlin; Ph. D. Kiel 1895. After his study he had no inclination to settle down and he worked successively at Karlsruhe, Plymouth, Naples, Cold Spring Harbour (Long Island N.Y.), and Würzburg. In 1900 he accompanied his first Southsea expedition which he left in Malaya in 1901, where he was Curator of the Selangor State Museum at Kuala Lumpur for a year. After his return in Germany he stayed for another year at Naples, and accompanied the Hamburg Südsee-Expedition (1908-10) during its first year, to collect on behalf of the Hamburg Zoological Museum. From 1907 onwards on the staff of the Museum, since 1928 Curator and Professor; retired in 1934.


Collecting localities:

1908-09. Leaving Germany in June 1908. Hamburg Südsee-Expedition in the ‘Peiho’1: St Matthias Isl., Emirau (Squally Isl.), Tench Isl., and Admiralty Islands (Aug. 7-Nov. 7, 1908); circumnavigation of Neu Pommern (New Britain) (Nov. 22-Dec. 22); S. coast of New Britain (Dec. 28-March 16, 1909); coast of NE. New Guinea and Kaiserin Augusta Fluss (= Sepik River) (May 21-June 11); subsequently sailing from Friedrich Wilhelms-Hafen to the Carolines etc. (see A.F. Kraemer). Duncker did not accompany the 2nd year of the expedition to Micronesia, 1909-1910, but was back in Germany Sept. 20, 1909.



Herb. Hamburg [HBG]: some sheets.



(1) F.E. Hellwig: ‘Tagebuch der Expedition’ (in Thilenius, Ergebnisse der Südsee-Expedition 1908-10, 1 Allg., Hamburg 1927; itinerary see map 2).

H. Vogel: ‘Fine Forschungsreise im Bismarck-archipel’ (Hamburg 1911).


biographical data:

Mitt. Hamb. Zool. Mus. 52, 7 pp., incl. bibliogr. + portr.