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Gutierrez, Hermes G.


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 5: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement I)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1933, Laoag City, Luzon, P.I.



Botany Aid and Botanical Collector, National Museum, Manila, Philippines.

Joined the Philippine National Herbarium (Bot. Dept of the National Museum) in 1954, and was later appointed Museum Researcher in Botany and subsequently Chief of the Botany Division. He was educated in Botany at the University of the Philippines (B.S.), the Arnold Arboretum (Harvard University) (1963-64), and the University of Santo Tomas (M.S., and working for Ph.D. in 1968). Lately especially interested in Dipterocarpaceae.


Collecting localities:

1957. Luzon: Irosin and Mount Bulusan, Sorsogon Prov.; Manila and suburbs, with G.E. Edaņo.-1960. Hundred Islands, Pangasinan (Algae); W. Java: Udjong Kulon, Mt Panggarango, Tjibodas (with Kostermans and UNESCO Training Group).-1961. Batan Is., Batanes and Babuyanes (with Quisumbing, see there, and R. del Rosario); Sierra Madre Mts, Isabela, Luzon (Apr. 17 - May 28).-1962. Leyte: Mt Lubi, Dagami & Balinsasayao F.R., Abuyog; Malaya: Ulu Kelantan Limestone Hill (with H. Keng and UNESCO Training Group).-1963. Palawan: Lipuun Point, Quezon, with R. Espiritu-1965. Ethnobotanical collecting in W. Mindoro (Mar. 8-20); trip in Basilan with E.J. Reynoso and Z.C. Fraga: with Dr Aaron Sharp & Dr Z. Iwatsuki on Mt Canlaon, E. Negros (May 25-29), and in SE. Samar (May 30-June 28) with E.J. Reynoso; Mt Pulog, Benguet, Luzon.-1966. With Reynoso in Mt Guiting-Guiting, Sibuyan I., Romblon-1969. S. Samar (May 5-June 3)1: Mt Concord, Hinabangan and Mt Apoy, Llorente, with R.A. Espiritu and E.J. Reynoso. Mindanao, Davao: Mt Apo (Nov. 19-D c. 20), with E.J. Reynoso and F.R. de la Cruz, K. Seto, and others of the Osaka Museum of Natural History.- 1970. S. Samar: Mt Sohoton (Mar.-Apr.) with D.A. Madulid, R.A. Espiritu, E.J. Reynoso and F. de la Cruz.2-1973. N. Luzon (April).



Herb. Manila [PNH], numbered in the P.N.H. series (cf. Philippine National Herbarium). Appr. 1500 field numbers in 1968; dupl. distributed to Leiden [L], Kew [K], Arn. Arbor. [A], Sing. [SING], U.S. Nat. Mus. [US], Bogor [BO], etc. The collection from Mt Apo (1969) shared equally at the Osaka Mus [OSA]. and Nat. Mus. Manila [PNH].



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