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Hunte, Sir George Ruthven le


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)



Successor of Sir W. MacGregor as Lieutenant-Governor of the Territory of British New Guinea; he took up his office on March 22, 1899, at Port Moresby. At the end of March 1902 he sailed for Australia, from where on furlough to Europe. After expiry of his leave he still served a month in New Guinea; he left the island in June 1903, to be appointed Governor of S. Australia.

Ficus benjamina L. var. lehuntei Baill. and Eugenia lehuntei Baill. were named after him.


Collecting localities:






SE. New Guinea, Papua. 1899. Tour to the Western Districts: in the ‘Merrie England’ (March 28) to Hall Sound, Kerema, mouth of the Wai Lala, Orokolo; Samari (31); Daru (Apr. 1), Thursday Isl.; back at Daru (6); Hall Sound, Yule Isl. (9), Chiria, Delena, Pokama, Kido (Redscar Bay); Port Moresby (10).1-Eastern part of the division: Daugo Isl. (= Tauko) (Apr. 14), Kapa-Kapa (14); visiting several localities, including Rigo Station; Keakaro Bay (16); Dedele (17-19); Toulon Isl., Port Glasgow; Samarai (29), Kwato Isl.; further to the NE. coast; Taupota, Togo Wedau (Bartle Bay); Porlock Bay (25); mouth of the Mambare (26), Tamara Station; mouth of the Gira (May 1); mouth of the Musa (4), ascending the river part of the way; mouth of the Ope (6), ascending it part of the way; Port Hennessy (8); Collingwood Bay (9, at Wanigela etc.); Phillips Harbour; Mission Station Mukau at Cape Vogel (10); Wedau (11); Milne Bay; Samarai (May 13); Waga-Waga (17); mouth of the Gibara, Sekagura, by way of the watershed via Tobu to Goanipi, Kamudi; back (19) via Fooa, Degudagugu and Duria; passing the watershed, reaching the Gibara again, from where to Boni-Boni, embarking to Waga-Waga; proceeding the tour to the Islands in the eastern portion of the Possession, viz the Louisiades, Trobriand Isls, Fergusson Isl., etc.; Samarai (June 8); Kwato Isl. (9); Samarai-Fyfe Bay (10); Hood Bay (I1); via Hula to Kalo; Kapa-Kapa and Port Moresby (13).2 Tour via Bomana to Mt Werirata and proceeding to the Rauna Falls in the Laloki (June 22-24). Departure (June 6) for Brisbane, via Mission Station Vatorata, Dedele, Toulon and Dufaure Isl. and Samarai (9-11), Cooktown. From Port Moresby (Nov. 19) to Daru Isl.; Paho Isl.; mouth of the Mai Kusa; mouth of the Bina Turi; via Daru (27), back to Port Moresby (28).3 Dec. 2 to Samarai via Dedele: sailing (7) to Conflict group, Laughlan Isl., and other islands in the eastern portion; mouth of the Mambare (23); Tamata Station (24-27); mouth of the Mambare (30); mouth of the Ope (30); to Wanigela (Jan. 1, 1900), visiting several small bays in the vicinity; Cape Vogel (3); Goodenough Bay; Wedau (Bartle Bay); Taupota (5); Samarai (6); Port Moresby (9).4 Tour to the Western portion of the Possession: from Port Moresby (Febr. 10) via Djokea to Daru Isl.; the Oriomo; Dauan (15); Bugi; to the Wassi Kusa (17), Bé Kusa, Mai Kusa; Morehead River (ascending it 24-28); Bugi; Thursday Isl. (5 days’ stay); Daru; Kiwai Isl. in the delta of the Fly, making several minor boat-excursions; Daru (18-19); Parama (Bampton Isl.) and Mawata (20); Hall Sound (21); Port Moresby (23).5 Sailing from Port Moresby (March 30) to the Eastern portion: Samarai (Apr. 1), via Bartle Bay to Cape Nelson; Kumusi River, Mambare Bay and back to Cape Nelson; Samarai (8-10); Port Moresby (12).6 In April a 5-day tour to the Laloki and the Naoro (= Brown) River. On May 22 to Kapa-Kapa; Hula (25); Kerepunu (26); MacFarlane Harbour (29), Bilirupu, etc.; Cheshunt Bay (June 1); Cloudy and Baxter Bay (2); Amazon: Isl.; Toulon Isl. (4); Millport Bay, Port Glasgow, Dufaure Isl.; Samarai (8); Kwato (10); Bentley Isl. etc.; Samarai (19); Port Moresby (20).7 On July 4 via Kapa-Kapa to Samarai; Wedau (5); Cape Nelson (9); Wanari Bay; mouth of the Mambare; Tamata Station (11); back via Holnicote Bay, Cape Vogel, and Dobu; Samarai (21-27, visiting Kwato, Hayter Isl., etc.); Port Moresby (28).8-1901. With F.R. Barton and A. Giulianetti (see those) from Port Moresby (Jan. 11) to Kabadi District: rowing up part of the way of the Apisi, marching to Matapaila and Kopuana after passing the Aroa; returning (13) by way of the river, marching to Keweo and via Aukankana back to Matapaila; via Nanuabaka (14) to the coast, following the same to the mouth of the Aroa; when sailing to Cape Suckling, landing near Hisiu (Redscar Bay); Delena; Yule Isl.; Ethel River (= Kiwa, 17), ascending Ethel and Bioto River and proceeding to Ina Wabui on foot; via Ina Wa (18), Eboa, and Jesu Baibua (Jéku) on St Joseph River, and via Ina Wai and Ina Wi to Mekeo Station; via Mohu (20) and Pinupaka back to Yule Isl.; Port Moresby (21).9 From Port Moresby (Febr. 19); Samarai (23); Cape Nelson; mouth of the Kumusi (24); mouth of the Mambare (25); Tamata Station (till March 2); Kumusi mouth (3), ascending the river to Bogi Station; Porlock Bay (11); Samarai (till March 22); Goodenough Bay; Rawdon Bay (23); Yasaiasa (= Jasa-Jasa) Road (25); W of Cape Sebiri-Biri; Phillips Harbour (26); Wiaku, Maisini and Wanigela; Conflict Group (29); Louisiades, etc.; Port Moresby (Apr. 24).10 From Port Moresby (Nov. 26) to the Eastern portion: Rigo Station; Mission Station at Millport Bay; Samarai; short cut to the Milne Bay, from where to Goodenough Isl.; Government Station at Cape Nelson: mouth of the Mambare (Dec. 20), 5-day visit to Tamata Station; Kumusi Mouth; Bogi Station; Samarai; Dobu Isl., from where excursions to Normanby Isl., Fergusson Isl., etc.; via Cape Nelson and Samarai, returning at Port Moresby (beginning of 1902).11-1902. To the Western Districts: from Port Moresby (Febr. 18) via Daru to Thursday Isl. and back; Cape Blackwood; 1-week stay on Goari Bari Isl.; Daru; back to Port Moresby via Orokolo, Wailala, Toaripi and mission stations on Yule Isl. and at Hall Sound.12 Sailing for Australia (end of March).-1903. Final stay at Port Moresby (May 11-June 10).



He forwarded a number of specimens to F.M. Bailey; probably preserved in Herb. Brisbane[ BRI].13 In Herb. Kew [K]: 43 nos of plants from the Pacific Islands (1884).



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