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Neuhauss, Prof. Richard Gustav


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1855. Died: 1915, Gross-Lichterfelde, Germany.



Educated at Leipsic (Med. Dr 1883); made his first world voyage in 1884; physician at Berlin; from 1908-10 he made an anthropological and ethnological exploring voyage in former German New Guinea (see below); he brought an equipment for making botanical and zoological collections. He was especially interested in photography.


Collecting localities:

NE. New Guinea, former Kaiser-Wilhelmsland (Oct. 1908-June 1910).1 With his wife arriving at Friedrich Wilhelmshafen (end Oct. 1908), staying 3 weeks; coastal voyage by boat to Potsdamhafen, Hansabucht, Dallmannhafen, islands Muschu, Valis, Angel, Seleo, and Tumleo, government station Eitape (= Berlinhafen); via Stephansort to Finschhafen and Sattelberg (arrival Dec. 8, making it his headquarters for several months); Jan. 1909 making a trip in western direction, crossing Bubui (or Mape) River, and along Bulesom River to mission station, etc., returning after 23 days; from Sattelberg (March 15) via Finschhafen to Huon Gulf (Bukaua); coastal voyage to the English boundary and back to Bukaua; expedition to Markham River with Mailänder, Keysser, etc. (end of Apr.), on account of hostilities of the population ascending the river no more than 20 km, subsequently returning to Bukaua; renewed attempt on June 4, this time ascending 70 km to a junction with a tributary (source in Kraetke Mts), and returning; trip to Tami colony Taminugetu; leaving Bukaua (July 14); short stay at Finschhafen, and proceeding to Friedrich Wilhelmshafen; boat tour in the ‘Siar’ in NW. direction (July 28), entering Kaiserin Augusta River, returning at the mouth on Aug. 6; to Berlinhafen; anchoring at Sissanu (Eissano) (Aug. 8), 45 km W of Eitape, staying for 6 weeks, making trips to Ramo village etc.; by boat to Eitape (Sept. 15); return to Finschhafen; leaving (Nov. 1) for Sialum at the foot of Cromwell Mts near Cape König Wilhelm (3); trip to Kelana (mid-Nov.); to the Siassi Isls (mid-Dec.); to Logaueng on foot; from Finschhafen (Jan. 11, 1910) by boat to Kela (16), proceeding in S. direction to Braunschweighafen (19, paying a visit to Ton Isl.); to the mouth of the Nassau River, going upstream along its banks for several hours; at Malalo (Kela) (Jan. 24), finding accomodation at the mission station, and making trips to Kela Halbinsel (peninsula), to Markham River (March 17 by boat to the mouth, following the river, part of the way on foot, and returning to Malalo on the 26th); trip to Waria River (29), Braunschweighafen, Mayama (31), Adolfhafen; trip to Morobe River, to Waria mouth and on foot to Uno, Jaduna, Sin, and back; via Adolfshafen to Peihowa (= Peiho, Pekho); 2nd visit to Ton Isl. (Braunschweighafen), to Nassau Bay, returning (Apr. 10) at Malalo; to Finschhafen (20); visit to Sattelberg (mid-May), and subsequently to Jabim (N. coast Huon Gulf), by land to Logaueng, returning by proa; leaving New Guinea (May 30) via Friedrich Wilhelmshafen, Eitape, mouth Tami River, (June 3); via Singapore, Ceylon, etc. returning to Berlin (end of July).



Herb. Berl. [B]: 49 nos.



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biographical data:

Zeitschr. Ethnol. 47, 1915, p. 92-93; Poggendorf, Biogr.-liter. Handwörterbuch 63, 1938.