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Sarasin, Karl Friedrich (mostly Fritz) & Paul Benedikt


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1859, Basel, Switzerland. Died: 1942, Lugano, Switzerland.

His cousin: Born: 1856, Basel, Switzerland. Died: 1929, Basel.



Famous wealthy zoologists and explorers who besides in Celebes (see below), travelled in Ceylon (1883-86, 1890, 1902, 1907, 1925), Egypt and Sinai (1889), New Caledonia and the Loyalty Islands (Fritz with J. Roux, 1910-12),1 and Tunis (1923). After his cousin’s death Fritz made a voyage to Siam in 1931. In 1886 they settled at Berlin to work out their collections; since 1896 they made Basel their residence in the intervals between their travels; after 1907 each went his own way. Their main object was the collecting of zoological material, besides they had a large interest in ethnography, botany, etc.; in 1919 Fritz was made a honorary Dr of geography at Geneva.

Several plants were named in their honour.


Collecting localities:







1st Celebes Expedition, 1893-96.2 N. Celebes: Menado (= Manado) (June 26-27, 1893); stay at Kema (June 28-Nov. 17), making trips to Tondano-Tomohon (Sept. 1-10), G. Klabat (20-27), G. Sudara (Oct. 14-19); by land from Menado to Gorontalo: from Menado (Nov. 20); Amurang; Karoa (25); Lake Mokobang (29); Popo (30); Pontodong, Kottabangon (= Kotamobagoe) (Dec. 1); Salimandungan (4); Lolak (9); Dumoga Besar (12); Dumoga Ketjil and Duluduo (16); Malibagu (= Molibagu) (18); by proa to Taludaä (arriving the 23rd); Tombolilati River (24); Gorontalo (26); exploration of the Bone River: from Gorontalo (Jan. 6, 1894); Pinogo (9); following the course of the river; G. Bulawa (16); Bone mountains; in SSE. direction to the coast, reaching Negeri Lama (21); by proa to Malibagu (23) and proceeding to Kema (arriving the 30th); stay at Kema (Jan. 30-March 15); stay at Tomohon (March 16-Aug. 9), and climbing (it is not clear whether during this or a following stay!) G. Lokon (several times), G. Masarang, G. Rumengan and G. Empung (May), and many tours in the environs; crossing from Buol (= Boeol) to the Gulf of Tomini: Buol (Aug. 15); by proa to Matinan(g) (24); by land in southern direction; G. Matinan(g) (28); Oleďdu kiki (31); G. Bontula (Sept. 1); along the Mangkahula (= S. Randangan) and Butaiodaa River (= lower course of the Mangkahula after the junction with S. Pagoeat) to the S. coast; Maris(s)a (6); by proa (7) to Gorontalo (arriving the 10th); returning by boat (l5) to the Minahassa; stay at Tomohon (Sept. 18-Nov. 30), making tours to G. Lokon, G. Empung, Langowan, etc.; sailing from Menado (Dec. 2) to Makassar (SW. Celebes) and after a short delay, by mail-boat circumnavigating the 2 southern peninsulas (Dec. 17-31), touching at several places on the Gulf of Bone, the island of Buton (= Boetoeng) and some places of the SE. peninsula; stay at Makassar (Jan. 1-14, 1895); crossing Central Celebes from the Gulf of Bone to the Gulf of Tomini: Palop(p)o (Jan. 19); by proa to Borau (27); Djaladja (30); Tanaoki (Febr. 1); Lambongpangi (5); Takalekadjo (= Takolekadjoe) Mts; via Tamakolowe (10) to Lake Posso (11); by proa to the northern border of the lake (15); proceeding (21) to the coast of the Gulf of Tomini, via Bunkudina, Tamunku, Jajaki (23); Mapane (24) and from there back to N. Celebes by sailing-proa (March 4-12); Gorontalo (13-20), making explorations near Lake Limboto and along the coast; by steamer (21) to Menado; stay at Tomohon (March 23-May 7), climbing G. Soputan (Apr. 18-22) via Lango(w)an; voyage to SW. Celebes (May 8-24): headquarters at Makassar (May 25-June 26); making a tour (June 27 July 8) to the Peak of Maros, Leangleang, the Bulu Selimbo and Bantimurung; back at Makassar again (9-27); failing attempt to cross the SW. peninsula from the Gulf of Mandar to the Gulf of Bone: by steamer (28) from Makassar to Pare-Pare; by proa to Maroneng (Aug. 2); on foot to Bungi; to Enrekang (5) via the Loko Mts; along the Bambapuang (9); Lake Lura; Sosso (10); Kalos(s)i (12), where forced to return to Enrekang and Maroneng (arrival on the 16th) on account of the hostile attitude of the natives; by proa via Pare-Pare (19-24) to Makassar; stay at Makassar (Aug. 25-Sept. 28); tour to the Peak of Bantaëng (= Peak of Bonthain):3 setting out from Makassar (Sept. 29); Bantaëng; Lokka, starting the ascent on Oct. 13; crater rim (15); descending to Errelompoa (16); Lok(k)a (17-24); the next day setting out for a 2nd ascent, this time in NE. direction via Djambi (25), Labo and Boronrapoa (26), Kawaija and Kalimbu (27), Tasosso (28), to the Wawokaraëng (29); descent via Tasosso in N. direction to Lembagna (30); crossing Buntulang and Maminko rivers and proceeding in W. direction; Erreúlo (or Raulo) (Nov. 2); Errelompoa (3), from where once more setting out (4) to the summit along the first track; the Lompobat(t)ang (5); Errelompoa (6); Lok(k)a (7-14); returning by coastal steamer (15) to Makassar; stay at Makassar (Nov. 19, 1895-Febr. 4, 1896); crossing the northern part of the SE. peninsula:4 Paloppo (Febr. 9-16); by steamer to the Bay of Ussu (= Oesoe) (17); Ussu (18-22); proceeding afoot (23); Matan(n)a on Lake Matana (26-27); by boat to Sarawáko (= Saroako) (28), and to the southernmost extremity of the lake; on foot to Lake Towuti (29), Pekalowa; staying at the lake and visiting P. Loëha (March 2), returning the same road to Lake Matani (= Matana); Sarawako (3-4); crossing Lake Matani to Sokoija (5-6); Sokita and Togo (8); Tampira (9); downstream Tampira River (= S. La) to the coast of Tomori Bay (9); P. Timbe (9-13); voyage (15-22) back to Makassar; stay at Makassar (March 23-Apr. 5); return to Europe.-2nd Celebes Expedition, 1902-03.5 SW. Celebes: stay at Makassar (March 1-Apr. 11, 1902); 1st Toála tour: from Makassar to Maros (Apr. 12); limestone hills of Bantimurung (13-14); Batunuangássue (15); Kappang and the hill Lumpilumpi; Tjamba (17); Lita, Djawidjawi and Tjani (19); Bontorio (22); G. Bowonglangi (24); Bontorio (26-27); Biruë (28); Ponre (29); Bakunge (Apr. 30-May 2) in Lamontjong District; Lappakanru (4); Tjamba (6); Makassar (8); stay at Makassar (May 9-July 4), from where making trips to Dulang via Maros (May 26), to the Kuri Islands (27), to Leangleang (29), etc.; 2nd tour through Central Celebes from Palu to Paloppo: sailing from Makassar (July 5); short visit to Donggala (7); Palu (8-10); in S. direction through the Palu Valley, via Kalukubúla, Ololodjo (11-12); Sidondo-Sidojo-Sibalaja (13); Pakuli (14); across a plateau to Tuwa (15); via a spur of the Momi to Sadaonta (16); Kulawi District (17-19); Sibaronga Ridge to Langko (20); Lake Lindu (21-23); back to Kulawi (24-26), not proceeding on account of unwillingness of the natives; Sadaonta (27); Tuwa (28); temporary stay at Sakedi (July 29-Aug. 10); Pulu-Pesaku-Kalekke (11); Beka and Palu (12); stay at Palu (12-27); setting out on the 2nd attempt to cross the Central part of the island: via Dolo (28), Pesaku (29); Sakedi (30-31), making a trip to Pandéra (31); Tuwa (Sept. 1); Sadaonta (2); Kulawi (3); Gimpu (5-6); proceeding in S. direction to Toware (11); Landjéka, Gintu (12); Bada District; Bangkekau (13-15), visiting Badagajang (15); Topapu Mts (reaching the summit of c. 1900m alt. on the 17th); descending to Lebóni Plain, Simpúsu (18); Leboni (19-20); Poanáa Mts (22, making camp at 1760 m alt.); watershed Takal(1)a Mts, 2000 m alt. (23); descending to Luwu Plain along S. Baliase; Masapi (26); Salubalombo, Palilli (27); Tanrung, Masamba (28-29); Waibunta (30); Taruwe, Penéki (Oct. 1); crossing Lumasi River, Buntubuku (2); Paloppo (3-. ), visiting the near P. Libukang; SW. Celebes: stay at Makassar (Oct. 21-Dec. 5); 2nd Toála tour: Makassar-Maros-Batunuangassue (Dec. 6-8); Bangaja Plateau (7); Kappang (8); ascent of the Lumpilumpi and proceeding to Tjamba (9-10); Lappakanru Plain (I l); Lamontjong region, bivouac near Bakunge (12-28), visiting many caves in the Toala District, e.g. the Leong Tjakondo, Leong Suru, and Tinodoë; Walannaë Valley (29); climbing Bulu Tana (30); Balangnipa, Sandjai (= Sindjai) (Dec. 30-Jan. 1, 1903); Kadjang (2); Tiro (3-6; exploring the coast); Makassar (8); stay at Makassar (Jan. 9-Febr. 10), via Maros to Pangkadjene and Kantissang (Jan. 29), etc.; crossing the southern part of the SE. peninsula: embarking at Makassar (Febr. 11); Kolaka on Mingkoka Bay (= Mekongga Bay) (12-19); Lambo (2l); Mowewe (22 -23); via the Tinondo Ridge and the Simbune Valley (25); Konawe District (26); by way of a depression of the Tomosi Mts to Meraka (27); Lambuja (Febr. 28-March 2); via Lereti-Molitu-Opa Swamp (3); making camp at Puriala near the swamp (3-4); returning the same road as far as Molitu (5) and then proceeding in eastern direction, Lalunggátu (6); Pundidaha Distr. (7-8); crossing the Lahambuti River (= Lahoemboeti River), Laloumera (9-10); Kapuhara on Konaweha River and downstream the river to Usambálu (11); country road to Kendari (12); by boat (14-19) via Kolaka to Makassar; stay at Makassar (March 20-Apr. 8).

According to Backer, Verkl. Woordenb., 1936, they made another Celebes expedition in 1906; we do not know whether this statement holds true, as yet we have no data.



Herb. Berl. [B]: ‘Iter celebicum Sarasinorum’ (a. 1893-96), 873 nos of siphonogams, and ‘Iter celehicum Sarasinorum’ II (a. 1902-03), c. 750 nos;6 Warburg made the preliminary identifications. The ferns are preserved in Herb. Basel [BAS]; they were worked out by Christ;7 fragments of the nos l-500 (coll. 1893 in the Minahassa), evidently belonging to a diary, in Herb. Basel [BAS] too. In Herb. Kew [K]: duplicates Celebes exp. 1893-96 (pres. after 1930).



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biographical data:

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