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Smith, Joannes Jacobus


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 5: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement I)


Born: 1867, Antwerp, Belgium. Died: 1947, Oegstgeest, Holland.



Went to Java in 1891, and was shortly after appointed Assistant Curator of the Botanic Gardens, Buitenzorg; in 1905 promoted Assistant of the Buitenzorg Herbarium, and from 1913 till his retirement in 1924, Head of the said institute. On his return in Holland he settled at Utrecht, and later at Oegstgeest near Leiden.

Author of many taxonomic papers, especially dealing with orchids,1 but besides with Ericaceae, Euphorbiaceae, etc. With a view to his important work he was awarded the Honorary Ph.Dr’s degree at Utrecht University in 1910.

Schlechter named many orchids after him.


Collecting localities:

Between 1891-1924. W. Java: many times on G. Salak, at Tjampea, Tjigombong, Poentjak, Megamendoeng, Tjiapoes (Salak), and in other places in the neighbourhood of Buitenzorg; Garoet, Kawah Manoek (Oct. 1894);2 E. Java: Blitar (Kediri) (1896) W. Java: Garoet (Tjampaka Warna); Islands in the Bay of Batavia (end of Febr. 1899):3 P. Edam, Agnieten Island, Groot Kombuis, and P. Amsterdam; Centr. Java: G. Groeda (?), and Djolotigo in Pekalongan (1899); W. Java: Tjibodas-Kandangbadak (July 1899); G. Salak with Raciborski (Nov. 28, 1899).-Voyage to the Moluccas (June 23-Sept. 12, 1900),4 with Dr J.G. Boerlage (itinerary see there); due to Boerlage’s illness the collection from August 14 onwards was made exclusively by J.J. Smith; after that date he visited N. Celebes: Gorontalo and Bone (Aug. 16); after shipwreck put ashore at Roembia (18-21); Ternate (24-31), climbing the Peak towards the end of the month; on the voyage home they touched at Batjan, Kajeli (Boeroe), Ambon, Banda, Ambon, and Makassar (SW. Celebes), making some trips in Batjan and Banda.-W. Java: Djampang tengah (Dec. 1900, living plants); Sitoe Goenoeng (Apr. 1901); Krakatau (Sunda Strait) (Apr. 1906); Tjibodas, G. Gedeh and Geger Bintang (a fortnight in June 1906, during which he discovered Corysanthes carinata J.J.Sm. n.sp. with Wouters, the curator of the Mountain Garden, Tjibodas); Noesa Kambangan, S of Centr. Java with Forest Officer Kunst (1906); Duizend Islands, N of the Bay of Batavia (Dec. 27-30, 1906):5 Zuidwachter (or P. Paniki). Noordoosteiland (or P. Pendjaliran), P. Doea (Bay of Bantam; is probably not the islet in the Bay of Bantam of that name, but one of the northernmost islets of the Duizendeilanden), ? P. Onrust; Poentjak (July 16, 1908); Tjisoeroepan (Dec. 9, 1908); G. Boender near G. Salak (Aug. 1909); Tjinjiroean with Rant (Apr. 1911); G. Kendeng near Bandoeng (Apr. 7, 1911); Depok with Rant (Oct. 15, 1911); Tjibeureum near Bandoeng, and G. Wajang with Rant (Sept. 19, 1911); G. Salak (1913); G. Boerangrang and G. Parang (July 1920); Tjibeber-Tjampaka (G. Beser, G. Karang) (June 10-23, 1923).



Herb. Bog. [BO], incl. 702 nos from the voyage to the Moluccas 1900 (Boerlage and Smith),6 50 nos from Zuidwachter 1906, 550 nos from Tjinjiroean (Java, 1911), and 750 nos from G. Boerangrang and Parang (Java, 1920). Herb. Leiden [L]: Java dupl. (1899). Also orchids in Herb. Schlecht. (= Herb. Berl. [B]).

He brought home many living plants for Hort. Bog., also from the Moluccan expedition, i.e. from Ambon, Batjan, Boeroe, Ternate, Gorontalo (N. Celebes), Banda, and Makassar (SW. Celebes).7



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