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Zanten, Bernard Otto van


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1927, Oudemolen, Dr., Netherlands.



Bryologist, educated at Groningen University (Ph.D. 1959). After having taken his doctor’s degree he joined the Dutch New Guinea Expedition to the Sterrengebergte, and subsequently paid a 3-months visit to New Zealand. At present on the staff of the Botanical Laboratory of Groningen University, working on his moss collection. In 1969 he made a half-year bryological collecting trip to Australia, New Zealand, Guadalcanal, New Guinea, Luzon, and Japan, sponsored by WOTRO.


Collecting localities:

1959 (Apr.-Sept.). Former Dutch New Guinea.1 N. coast: Hollandia and Ifar; S. New Guinea; at Tanah Merah and Kaliwin on Digoel R.; Ajerok; on the Kau R. at Bian-Katem, Wombon, Koekoeboen, Anoendjamdit, Aremko, Oemkoeboen, and Oejambiep; still farther to the north at Amiol and Katem, Songgan and Arimkop; Sibil Valley; Mt Antares (1300-3400 m).-1968. Bryological exploration (June-Dec.):2 E. New Guinea: from Port Moresby exploring (June 8-13) Brown R. area, Musgrave R., Sogeri Plateau, Siritumu Lake; from Lae in Suru R. area (15-16); Wan (MacAdam Memorial Park, Mt Kaindi) (17-19); Goroka (Marafunga, Daulo pass) (21-23); Mt Wilhelm (June 25-July 10); Mt Hagen (Baiyer R., Jimmy R.) (July 11-13); Lae (Situm, 16). Accompanied by D.N. MacVean and W.A. Weber (see those). Subsequently in Australia, New Zealand and the British Solomons, returning to E. New Guinea: Goroka (Daulo Pass) (Oct. 13-15), Gembogl (16), Mt Hagen (18-22), Mt Giluwe (23-27), Mt Wilhelm (Oct. 29-Nov. 4), and Owen Stanley Range (Efogi) (Nov. 10-12), with R. Johns. With Mrs van Zanten-Tuntelder in the Philippines: Luzon: Mt Makiling (Nov. 19), Baguio (Mt Cabuyo, Mt S. Thomas, Asin) (20-21), Bontoc (Mt Data, Mt Polis, Sagada) (22-24), Baguio (Mt Cabuyo, 25), and in Japan (Nov. 30-Dec. 13).



About 670 New Guinea nos, 1959, of which the greater part was collected in Sibil Valley and on Mt Antares. About 2/3 of the material consists of Musci,1 the remaining part of Hepaticae, Fungi, Lichens, and Algae. Only few phanerogams, collected at Tanah Merah, in Sibil, and the Antares. His collection includes some plants collected by Dr W. Vervoort and Dr A.G. de Wilde (see those), and in collaboration with C. Kalkman. In Herb. Leiden [L]; at present Musci and Hepaticae in Groningen for revision, after which the 1st set will go to Leiden too, while a dupl. set will remain in Herb. Groningen [ex, now in L]. The phanerogams are separately numbered.

In New Zealand in 1959 about 600 nos were collected of which some 200 phanerogams; in Herb. Leiden [L]: lichens and 1 set of phanerogams; another set in Groningen [ex, now in L], and the 3rd set in his private herbarium. The mosses will remain at Groningen, but a dupl. set will be sent to Leiden after identification.

The 1969 collection consists almost exclusively of bryophytes, of which those from the Philippines and Japan are collected with his wife, Mrs H.H.van Zanten-Tuntelder. A few Hymenophyllums were brought home and some phanerogams from Guadalcanal (Solomon Is.).



(1) B.O. van Zanten: ‘Mosses of the Star Mountains Expedition, Central New Guinea’ (Nova Guinea, Bot. no 16, 1964, p. 263-368, pl. 22-36; for localities and dates cf. p. 264-265).

(2) Cf. complete itinerary in Fl. Mal. Bull. no 24, 1969, p. 1788. B.O. van Zanten: ‘Verslag van een verzameltocht naar Australisch Nieuw-Guinea, Australia, Nieuw-Zealand, Guadalcanal, Luzon, en Japan, 5 juni-17 dec. 1968 (1970) 66 pp., mimeogr., folio.


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