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Bergman, Sten


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 5: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement I)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1895, Ransäter, Prov. of Värmland, Sweden.



Studied at the University of Stockholm, taking his Ph.D. in 1952. He made scientific expeditions to Kamchatka (1920-22), Kurile Islands (1929-30), Korea (1935-36), and West New Guinea (1948-49, 1952-53).3 His main interest is ornithology.

He conducted the Swedish-Netherlands expedition to West New Guinea and some neighbouring islands, assisted by Sjöqvist (itinerary see below).


Collecting localities:1 

1948. Arrival at Sorong, W of New Guinea (July 22); July 29 with Lieftinck, Sjöqvist, and Lundqvist for a 5-day tour by motor-boat, visiting the coasts of Waigeoe and Salawatti; in the first half of Aug. exploring E and SE of Sorong; by flying-boat (Aug. 17) to Klamono, c. 50 km SE of Sorong, staying till the 25th; Sept. 15 to Majalibit Bay, S. Waigeoe, making base camp in Beeuw (small islet; = Beo); mid-Oct. returning to Sorong via Saonek; subsequently exploring SE of Sorong (Mooi region). 3Leaving Sorong (Dec. 3) by boat to P. Adi on the S. coast of New Guinea by way of Fak-Fak, exploring the islet and the opposite mainland near Kambala; returning via Fak-Fak, Kokas, and Inanwatan to Sorong; returning to Inanwatan (leaving Sorong Feb. 5, 1949) for a trip into the interior: by canoe to kp. Bahru; Atinjoe, from where (15) to Susemok, Fanatof, Aifat River, Kotjewir, and returning to Atinjoe (leaving Mar. 9), Aimaroe (lakes), Teminaboean, Konda, and return to Sorong; leaving (Apr. 12) to Jeflio, S of Sorong (staying about a month); Sorong; via Solol (Salawati) to Batanta I., Wailibit; Sorong, leaving June 30 by boat to Manokwari; Ransiki and trip into the interior (starting July 13):4 Anggi Lakes (Anggi Gita), Tombrok, from there (21) to Anggi Gigi (Serorei), and back to Tombrok and October bivouac (1500 m); return to Ransiki, by boat to Wandammen and Miei, Manokwari and Sorong (arriving Oct. 4); to Batanta I. (staying l week); Sorong, leaving (Nov. 2) for Macassar; by K.P.M. steamer via Bali to Java, short visit to Batavia and Buitenzorg; Singapore and sailing for Göteborg (arriving Jan. 15, 1950).



From 1948, most plants collected by Pleyte (see there) c.s. A small collection was made by himself2 mostly on Mt Tombrok, situated on the western side of Lake Anggi Gita near Arfak Mts in the Vogelkop; in Herb. State Mus. Stockholm [S]; phanerogams identified by Dr van Steenis in Jan. 1952. No botanical collections made in 1952-53.



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biographical data:

Portr. in ‘Vildar och Paradisfåglar’ l.c., following p. 192 and 256.