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Bik, Adrianus Johannes


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1790, Dunkirk, Belgium. Died: 1872, Brussels, Belgium.



Was appointed draughtsman to Reinwardt, on his mission to the Dutch East Indies, at the end of 1815. He and his brother J.Th. Bik (appointed in 1816, cf. also sub J.C. van Hasselt) accompanied Reinwardt on his voyages in Java, and to the eastern part of the Archipelago in the brig ‘Experiment’ in 1821/22. The skillful drawings made during the latter trip were brought to Holland by Reinwardt; many of the originals are still in the Leiden Herbarium. They partly served to illustrate Reinwardt’s book (cf. sub Reinwardt, Lit. 7), but did not tell to full advantage due to the poor method of reproduction. In 1823 Bik was Auction-Master at Batavia; in 1824 he made a tour of commission to the southern Moluccas to restore the neglected relations with the Dutch East Indian Government;1 in 1826 he was appointed Bailiff of Batavia and Assistant Resident of Batavia District; in 1832 a member of the Superior Court of Law. In 1847 he went home to Holland, settling at Amsterdam.


Collecting localities:

Voyage in the schooners ‘Daphne’ and ‘Pollux’, 1824. Embarked o/b the ‘Daphne’ at Ambon (March 17); Bandaneira (21-24); Kef(f)ing (28-31), making a trip to Ceram laut (= P. Geser) (30); Goram (= Gorong) (Apr. 2-9); Aroe Islands: Dobo on P. Wamar (Apr. 13-May 5), on Apr. 16 collecting some seeds of trees and plants unknown to him, and from 21-30 making a trip into the S. Workai; after return in Wamar, collecting seeds once more (May 1); P. Wokam (May 1-2); leaving Dobo on the 5th; Groot Key (= Noehoetjoet) (May 6-11), anchoring near Doula, and making trips by proa to Thoual (= Toeal); back at Bandaneira (14), and via Ambon to Ternate (arriving May 27).



In his diary1 Bik occasionally mentions the collecting of seeds. Though no herbarium records are known, it is probable that the seeds were collected in behalf of Hort. Bog.. As at that time no yearly reports were published, it will be hardly possible to get certainty, however. He collected birds too.



(1) A.J. Bik: ‘Dagverhaal eener reis, gedaan in bet jaar 1824 tot nadere verkenning der eilanden Keffing, Goram, Groot- en Klein Kei en de Aroe-eilanden’ (Leiden 1828).


biographical data:

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