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Brau de St-Poll Lias, M.F. Xavier J.J.H.


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 5: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement I)


Born: 1840, Seix, Ariège, France. Died: 1914, Paris, France.



Explorer and economist, friend of E. Marche (see there), director and founder of the ‘Société des Colons-Explorateurs’; an ardent patriot who tried to promote French commercial interests in the Far East. In 1876 he started a plantation in Sumatra with the agriculturist Tabel, but the latter moved to a Deli plantation after two years. During the first voyage, in 1876-77, Buitenzorg in Java was also visited. In 1880-81 a second exploration tour was made (see itinerary) during which they obtained some tin concessions in Malaya; he was accompanied that time by the mining engineer J.E. de la Croix. His tour in Atcheen yielded no results as the Dutch East Indian government thought the situation at that time too precarious. He continued his explorations in these regions up to 1885.


Collecting localities:1,2 

1880-81. Sailing from Toulon (Jan. 20, 1880) to Singapore in 42 days, from where proceeding to Java: Batavia and Buitenzorg, to hand over letters of recommendation to the authorities; visit to Ploem at Batoetoelis, trips to the slope of G. Salak, Soeka-Mantri Estate, and into Priangan Residency (Megamendoeng, Tjiandjoer, Bandoeng); leaving for Atcheen, N. Sumatra (March 25):3 by boat to Malabou (= ? Meulaboh) (Apr. 6-21); Soussou (= Susoh), Labouan-Hadji (= Labohanhadji) (24), Tampat-Touan (= Tapaktuan; trip to the mountains of Panté-Laouass), Singkel (Apr. 30-May l), P. Dona (2), back to Tapaktuan (3), Labohanhadji (6), Meulaboh, Gloumpang, Olélé; departure (20) for L(o)hong; Klouang, bird-nest caves; leaving Klouang (July 2); after a stay of five months not yet been able to penetrate into the interior; from Olélé (Aug. 22) to P. Pinang (= Penang) (staying 24-26), and sailing for the Malay Peninsula:4 Perak, Larrout (= Larut); Taiping (28-Sept. 2); Kuala Kangsar (4-7), visiting Hugh Low; to the tin mines inland, and the Orang-Sakèy, Anak G. B(o)ub(o)u, G. Snaian or Berapi, above Wray’s estate, Gapis (-13); environs of Taiping and Kuala Kangsar (14-30), partly with Wray and Low; by way of Penang to Sumatra East Coast: Deli (from Oct. 8), visit to the Batak Lands (de la Croix remaining in the Malay Peninsula); back in N. Sumatra: Atcheen, exploration of L(o)hong,5 leaving Kotaradja on Sept. 14 by proa to Benteng Ketapang; mostly exploring along the river, ascent of Batang-Ou (Jan. 5-6, 1881); after an interval of 6 months return from Deli to the Malay Peninsula:4 Perak by way of Penang; Larut, Taiping, Pluss River (Feb. 6)6, Sg. Tchot (7-8); Low discovers a Rafflesia (9); back (10-12) by way of Kuala Kangsar, Telok Kartang to Matang; by way of Penang to Batavia (Java), from where probably homeward bound; March 3 the tin concessions were obtained.



Herb. Paris [P]: 59 Sumatra plants (acq. 1880-81), collected by him & de la Croix (see there), and besides fruits, leaves, etc. and vegetable products. From his book4 (see footnote l.c. p. 160-162) it is evident that he collected in Perak (Malay Peninsula) too.



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Larousse du XXe siècle.