Collecting localities




Burgess, Peter Frederick


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1925, Hertford, England.



B.Sc. For. University College North Wales, and Dept For. of St. Johns College Oxford; Malayan Forest Service 1946-1956; Deputy Conservator, N. Borneo and Sabah 1956-1965; Colombo Plan Silvicultural Ecologist, Forest Research Institute Kepong, Malaysia, 1967-

Author of papers in the Malayan Forester, the Malayan Nature Journal, and of a book ‘The Timbers of Sabah’.


Collecting localities:

With P.F. Cockburn (see there) on G. Tapis, Pahang (Sept. 3-14, 1968).1 Main collecting areas: East Coast of Sabah, Ranau (Sabah); Malay Peninsula: G. Inas, G. Tapis, G. Stong, G. Pulai and Bt Jelakoi (Johore), Leparand Gua Peningat (limestone hill) in Pahang.



Herb. Kepong [KEP] and Sandakan [SAN]. Dupl. at Kew [K] and Leiden [L]. Collections in West Malaysia mostly for ecological purposes.



(1) P.F. Burgess: ‘An ecological study of the hill forests of the Malay Peninsula’ (Mal. For. 31, 1968, p. 314-325).