Collecting localities




Cockburn, Peter Francis


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1946, Brighton, England.



Botanist, educated at University College, Oxford 1964-67. He arrived in Malaya in Aug. 1967 under Voluntary Overseas scheme, and worked at Kepong from Sept. 1967-Dec. 1968, with T.C. Whitmore. He made prolific collections in virgin territory along the east coast of Malaya and wrote up several families for the Tree Flora of Malaya. Mar. 1969 appointed Forest Botanist, Sabah, on contract. Co-author of the Tree Flora of Malaya.


Collecting localities:

Malaya. 1967. Ulu Kelantan, Sungei Lebir with T.C. Whitmore and B.C. Stone (Aug. 31-Sept. 24); Ulu Kelantan, Dabong, Relai F. R. (Oct. 15-Nov. 2).-1968. G. Blumut, Johore (Feb. 2-8); Tg. Penawar, SE. Johore (19-24); Sungei Sedili Kechil (25-28); G. Panti, Johore (29-Mar. 6); Ulu Endau, Johore (Mar. 19-Apr. 1); Losong F. R. and Ulu S. Anak Andau (2-6); G. Lawit, Besut N. Trengganu (Apr. 22-May 6); Ulu Sungei Trengan (May 27-June 16), 6 collecting camps at various points on the river; G. Mandi Angin1, Trengganu, with T.C. Whitmore; G. Tapis, Pahang, with P.F. Burgess (Sept. 3-14); Bt. Chini, S. Pahang (Oct. 1-14), with P.S. Bray. A few collections made at Fraser’s Hill, Tasek Berak (Pahang) and Ulu Kali on single day trips.-1969. Sabah (N. Borneo). Kalabakan F. R. Tawau (May 5-12); Madai F. R. Mostyn (13-15); Lahad Datu Distr. (16-21); Sepilok F. R., Sandakan (June 5-7) 16 miles S of Sock on Pensiagan Road in the Witti Range (June 9-16); Loro F. R., Kudat Distr. (17-20); Sepilok F. R. (Aug. 25-28); Pulau Selingan (Sept. 24-25); Pulau Timbun Mata, Darvel Bay (Oct. 5-9); Crocker Range F. R. (Oct. 12-20).



2110 collections in Malaya, numbering KEP 115951-116000 and FRI 7000-8050, 8101-8500, 10501-11110; full set at Kepong [KEP], dupl. in Kuala Lump. [KLU], Sing. [SING], and some to Arn. Arbor. [A], Sarawak [SAR] and Sandakan [SAN]. Sabah collection; full set at Sandakan [SAN], dupl. to Kuala Lump. [KLU], Sing. [SING] and partly to other herbaria.

Most collections concentrated on tree species also collecting Indotristicha malayana in W Trengganu.2



(1) P.F. Cockburn: ‘Gunong Mandi Angin, Trengganu: a botanical visit’ (Mal. Nat. J. 22, 1968-69, p. 164-170).

(2) Cf. Blumea 18, 1970, p. 152-155).