Collecting localities




Coode, Mark J.E.


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1937, Plymouth, England



Botanist, educated at Cambridge (B.A. 1961), who made expeditions to E. Congo (1959) and Turkey (1962, 1965); assisted Dr P. H. DAVIS with the preparation of vols 1 and 2 of the Flora of Turkey, when on the staff of the University of Edinburgh.

In 1966 appointed Senior Botanist at the Botany Division, Forestry Department at Lae, Territory of New Guinea. Initially working on Melanesian Terminalia.1 Author of a Foresters’ Manual of Combretaceae (1969).


Collecting localities:







1966. Territory of New Guinea: Lae, local collecting (Oct.); around Popondetta with J.S. Womersley in the latter’s numbering series (Nov. 16-18); Lae, local collecting (Dec.).-1967. New Ireland2 with P. Katik and T.E. Cropley: around Kavieng (Jan. 22-23), Lavongai, c. 26 miles downcoast from Kavieng (24); around Katu, Lavongai, Lossuk, etc., based at Katu Plantation (26-Feb. 4); to Lemeris and Namatanai, a few roadside collections and some inland (6-8), round Kavieng (10-I1), leaving Kavieng for Kaut (13), vicinity of Kaut (14-17), back at Kavieng (20) and return to Lae. Terr. of New Guinea: Goroka-Parabo near Okapa East. Highlands Distr., with Womersley (18); collecting around Purosa (S of Okapa) (19), Okapa environs (20), Purosa (22); Gimi Valley, SW of Okapa (23); Okapa Valley, SE of Okapa (24); to Lae (25); to Ioma, Northern Distr. (31), Ioma area (June 1), N of Ioma (2), S of Ioma (4), Popondetta (5), to Lae (6); S. Highlands Distr., with McVean and L.K. Wade; Mendi (July 13), Mt Giluwe via Komia and Kagaba (14); camp at c. 10500 ft, collecting by campsite (15-16); higher altitude collecting (17); back to Mendi (18) and Lae (19). New Britain: Hoskins on the N. coast, local collecting (Dec. 18); Tabai Rikam near Hoskins (19-20), Kwala Kessi near Hoskins (21), Lae (22).-1968. Terr. of New Guinea: Kassam Pass (Jan. 8), Kassam (9-16), and to Lae (17). Near Lae (Feb.). To Madang (Mar. 5), proceeding to Utu; road N of Madang (7), Aione on Ramu R. (8); Aione area (9-13), and return to Lae (14); Wau (Apr. 22); near Lae (May). To Edie Creek (June 6), Edie Creek-Kaindi (7-11); Mt Hagen (Sept. 9), Kagaba (11), around Kagaba (12-19).-1969. Via Rabaul to New Ireland: Namatanai (Jan. 11), collecting on coast road around Karu (11-13), Kavieng (14), Namance I. (15-17), Kavieng (18), back via Rabaul (20) to Lae (21). To Bulolo-Wau-Kaindi (June 5-6) with P. Wardle [P. Waring in Supplement II]; Ialibu, S. Highlands Distr. (16), Giluwe camp at c. 11000 ft, collecting between 11000-12500 ft (18-20), lalibu (21), around lalibu and Maral (22-24), Mt Hagen (village) (25), Lae (26). Short visit to Bougainville (Solomons) collecting round Tonoleki (Aug. 9-14). Via Rabaul and Kavieng to Emira I. (coll. Sept. 4), via Kavieng (5), Taskul I. and New Hanover (6), back to Kavieng; Namance I. (8) and Kavieng; down coast road and across New Ireland to Lemusmus and back to Kavieng (9), Kavieng (10), Rabaul and Lae (11). To Bulolo-Wau (Okt. 11-12).-1970. Via Rabaul (Jan. 16) to Keravat and back (17); flight to Manga (S. New Ireland) for reconnaissance: Tranlan, Muliama (20), Danfu bridge (21), up Danfu R., camping at 800 ft (22), Danfu area from above camp (23-Feb. 20), back to Manga (20), by road to Lei (24) and down coast to Matkamlagira (arrived 27); attempt to cross Weitin-Kamdaru divide (some Sands nos); Matkamlagira (Mar. 3).-1971. Papua: Tapini (Apr. 29) by helicopter to top Mt Strong with P.F. Stevens,3 summit area and upper forest (May 1-3); walk to Torura (5), to Tapini by helicopter and to Waitape (6); helicopter to Mt Scratchley3 (7), flying back (8), Waitape (8-11).



Herb. Lae [LAE], a.o. 300 nos New Ireland; dupl. in Herb. Edinb. [E], etc.



(1) Author of ‘A new Terminalia from Melanesia’ (Kew Bull.; in press).

(2) Cf. Fl. Mal. Bull. no 22, 1968, p. 1541.

(3) M.J.E. Coode & P.F. Stevens: ‘Notes on the Flora of Two Papuan Mountains’ (Pap. New Guin. Se. Soc. Proc. 1971, 23, 1972, p. 18-25; with Appendix of plants collected above 3300 m, p. 23-25).