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Docters van Leeuwen, Willem Marius


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1880, Batavia, Java. Died: 1960, Leersum, U., Netherlands.



Biologist who was educated at Amsterdam University, where he took his Ph.Dr’s degree in 1907; entomologist in the employ of the General Experiment Station at Salatiga (Centr. Java), 1908-09; teacher of natural history at secondary schools at Semarang (1909-15) and Bandoeng (1915-18; besides Director); Director of the Botanic Gardens at Buitenzorg (1918-32) and besides (1926-32) Extraordinary Professor at the Medical College, Batavia. When pensioned off in 1932, he returned to Holland, and settled at Leersum. After some years he was appointed University Lecturer at Amsterdam and in 1942 Professor.

During his term of office in Java, his studies especially covered the field of general biology, viz Zoocecidia, symbiosis of ants and plants, flower biology, seed dispersal, investigations on the mountain flora and the succession in the new vegetation of the isle of Krakatau.1

He was an excellent photographer; his negatives are deposited at the Buitenzorg Botanic Gardens. Several plants were named after him.


Collecting localities:

























(certainly incomplete). 1910. Centr. Java: teak forest near Semarang (May); G. Oengaran (May 7-8, Oct.); W. Java: Tjinjiroean (G. Malabar, May 22-..); Rioeng Goenoeng (June 9), Telaga Bodas (June 12); Centr. Java: G. Oengaran (Oct.).-1911. E. Java: Trètès (June 6); Centr. Java: Pager Goenoeng (Sept. 30), G. Andong (W of G. Merbaboe) (Oct.), G. Telemojo (Oct. 2), G. Merbaboe (Oct. 10).-1912. Centr. Java: Semarang; G. Moeriah (= Moerjo) (Sept.-Oct.), G. Merbaboe (Dec., also repeatedly in former years).2-1913. SW. Celebes and neighbouring islands:3 Makassar (Apr.), P. Kajoeadi (May 3-4), P. Bonerate (4), P. Kalaotoa (5-6), P. Bonerate (7-8), Pasitaloe Isls (8-9), P. Kalao (9-11), P. Tanah Djampea (12-16), P. Salajar (May 17-June 4), Makassar.-1914. Centr. Java: G. Oengaran (June); G. Diëng (Dec.).-1915. W. Java: G. Papandajan (Sept. 28); Taloen (Oct. 2).-1916. W. Java: G. Tangkoeban Prahoe (Dec.). 191.. Sumatra (herbarium list nos 2394-2489).-1918. W. Java: G. Galoenggan (= Galoenggoen) and Radjamandala (Nov.).-1919. Sumatra East Coast: Medan and Sibolangit (Febr. 14-end of Febr.); Malay Peninsula: Bot. Gard. Singapore; W. Java: Buitenzorg, Tjibodas, Tjampea, Depok; Krakatau and Verlaten Eiland (Apr. 24-28);5 W. Java: Batavia; Tjibodas and G. Pangrango (Dec.).-1920. Sumatra West Coast: environs of Fort de Kock (with Jacobson and Dakkus) and G. Sing(g)alang (with Dakkus & Luytjes) (Jan.);6 W. Java: G. Salak (March); Verlaten Eiland (Sunda Strait) (Apr.); G. Pangrango; Sumatra East Coast: Sibolangit (Sept.) and subsequently to the Malay Peninsula:7 Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Penang and proceeding to Bangkok, Saigon, Hongkong, Japan and the Sandwich Isls.-1921. P. Sebesi (Sunda Strait) (Apr.);8 P. Berhala (E of Sumatra East Coast Res.) (July).-1923. W. Java: G. Pantjar and environs (with Bakhuizen van den Brink Sr & Dakkus) (Dec.).-1924. P. Leiden (Bay of Batavia) (April 21);9 Krakatau (July); E. Java: G. Lawoe (2nd half of Nov.).10 -1925. W. Java: G. Tjikorai (May); E. Java: G. Tengger and G. Smeroe (Nov.); W. Java: G. Pantjar (Dec.).-1926. W. Java: Bekas(s)i (Febr. 16). Dutch-American Expedition to New Guinea, 1926 (so-called Stirling Expedition):11 sailing from Priok (Apr. 7); Ambon (collecting was done from 15-19; departure from there on the 24th); Dutch North New Guinea: Manokwari (28); mouth of the Mamberamo (29); Albatros camp (May 1-13), making collecting trips in the neighbourhood, viz on the van Rees Mts etc.; setting out from Pionier bivouac (May 14), further inland; 7 days’ trip along the Van Gelderen River (end of May); 7 days’ trip along the Thomsen River; back to Albatros bivouac (end of June); in July collecting was done at Albatros bivouac, Mamberamo, Havik Isl., Van der Willigen River; in Aug. and Sept. along the Rouffaer River; in Oct. Exploration bivouac, Nassau Mts (up to 2600 m) and along the Rouffaer River; in Nov. Rouffaer River, Motor bivouac, Exploration bivouac, Batavia bivouac, Albatros bivouac, Otken River.-1927. Centr. Java: G. Sindoro-Soembing (May);12 E. Java: Pasoeroean (June 2); W. Java: G. Gedeh-Pangrango; Lembang and G. Tangkoeban Prahoe (Nov.); Wijnkoops Bay (Dec.).-1928. Toppershoedje (Febr. 17)13 & P. Babi (in Sunda Strait); W. Java: Java’s Eerste Punt (Febr.); G. Tangkoeban Prahoe (Apr.); G. Gedeh-Pangrango; Krakatau; E. Java: G. Idjen (Oct.); W. Java: G. Pantjar (with van Steenis) (Oct. 27-31).-1929. W. Java: G. Gedeh-Pangrango; SW of Leuwiliang (with Bakhuizen van den Brink Sr & van Steenis) (Febr. 2-5); E. Java: G. Kawi-Boetak and Oro-Oro (Apr. 14-21);14 Krakatau (July); W. Java: Zandbaai, S. coast (July); Sumatra East Coast (Sept.): G. Sibajak, Brastagi and Sibolangit.-1930. W. Java: G. Papandajan (with van Steenis) (Jan. 19-23, May 2-5);15 Kamodjan, Danoe Tjiharoes, etc. (May).-1931. Centr. Java: G. Moeriah (= Moerjo) (March); W. Java: Wijnkoops Bay.-1932. W. Java: Wijnkoops Bay and Tjisolok (May 2) ; Anak Krakatau and Toppershoedje (May 29) in Sunda Strait; Centr. Java: Noesa Kambangan and Kedoe; S. Sumatra, Palembang: aerodrome (Aug. 13).

During the Buitenzorg period, 1918-32, he many times visited G. Gedeh-Pangrango16 and Krakatau, making special studies there (see sub literature).



Principally in Herb. Bog. [BO], where many lists of the collections are preserved, e.g. from the 1st Sumatra coll. numbered 2394-2489, from Krakatau (1919) numbered 3513-3778, from Ambon (1926) nos 8652-8680 and from New Guinea (1926) nos 8681-11403.17 Many dupl. in Herb. Leiden [L], some in Herb. Univ. Amsterdam [AMD]. In Herb. Utrecht [U]: 561 plants from SW. Celebes, Saleijer (= Salajar) and neighbouring islands with Mrs Docters van Leeuwen-Reynvaan (See there), nos 1300-1951; partially at Leiden [L];18 some dupl. in Herb. Bog. [BO]. Many living plants in Hort. Bog.

A number of plants was collected together with his sister-in-law C. Reynvaan (see there).

Original notes on New Guinea were destroyed o/b the ‘Dempo’ in 1932; his number lists got partially lost during the German occupation.

His large collection of zoocecidia1 is preserved at Herb. Leiden [L].



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This expedition under the auspices of the Smithsonian Institution at Washington, D.C., made use of a plane, brought by the American members, which became unfit for use, however, in July; the Dutch members were Docters van Leeuwen and le Roux, the former was appointed leader during the latter part of the expedition.

cf. also Ch.C.F.M. le Roux: ‘Expeditie naar het Nassau-gebergte in Centraal Noord Nieuw Guinee’ (Tijdschr. Ind. Taal-, Land-, en Volkenk. 66, 1926, p. 447-513, with maps and plts).

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biographical data:

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