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Elbert, Dr Johannes


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1878, Koppenbrügge near Hameln, Germany. Died: 1915, Granada, Spain.



Geologist-geographer who travelled twice in the Malay Archipelago, the first time as a member of the Selenka Expedition, the second time as Leader of an expedition to the Lesser Sunda Islands equipped by the ‘Frankfurter Verein f. Geogr. u. Statistik’. In 1914 he conducted a geological expedition in the Cameroons; at the outbreak of war he fled to Spain, where he died of heart failure after having suffered much from sleeping sickness.1

Clerodendron elberti Hall. f. was named after him.


Collecting localities:

1907. E. Java, as a member of the Selenka expedition: G. Pandan near Madioen, G. Kendeng, G. Lawoe.-1908. E. Java: G. Lawoe;2 S. Sumatra: Lampong Districts (Jan.-March), at Telok Betong, G. Sugi, Tandjong Karang, Bt Ranggal.-Sunda expedition, 1909-10.3 N. Lombok: arrival at Labuan-Tjarik (Apr. 21, 1909); to the base of G. Rindjani and ascent of the latter; Segara Anak (May), Baru Volcano (May 9), summit of the Rindjani; Sembalun Highland; 2nd ascent Rindjani; E. Lombok: to Pussuk (June 2), on pass height of the southern part of the Sembalun Mts; excursions in the SE. coast region to Selong; from the south to the crater of the Rindjani; Centr. & W. Lombok: to Praja (June 28), from there crossing the island to the SW. part; Tukang-besi Isls (since July 22), on Wandji (= Wangiwangi) and Benongko (= Binongko); Muna (July 26-Aug. 7), Buton Strait (Aug. 8); Buton (= Boetoeng) (mid-Aug.), making trips around and crossing the island; SE. Celebes: Dualo (Sept. 10); from S to N through Rumbia; through Mengkoka; Kolaka; sailing to P. Kabaëna (Oct. 6), making a trip from the N. coast inland (Gründler, see there, ascending the Batun Sangia) and one from the E. coast (G. on the Sangia Wita up to 900 m); in November Sumbawa: Bima; departing to the Donggo Mts (Nov. 24); N. Bima; setting out to Dompu (Dec. 18); sultanate Sumbawa, crossing the island in the narrow part; western part ofthe island; sailing (Jan. 23, 1910) to Centr. Flores: from Endeh going through Rea and Ndona districts; sailing from Flores (Febr. 10) to Wetar: S. coast, the interior, Tihu Lake; setting out on the return voyage (March 18) via Kupang (Timor) to Soerabaja.



Herb. Senckerb. Mus. (now in University) Frankfurt [FR]: 4284 nos ‘Sunda Expedition’7 (± 16300 specimens), on loan in Leiden Herbarium [L]. Herb. Leiden [L]: from Sumatra (26) and Java together 564 nos (purch. 1908/09), Lesser Sunda Isls and Celebes ± 2750 specim.; Herb. Kew [K], etc.

During the 2nd expedition he was assisted by his wife Hetta Elbert4 and by C. Gründler (see there). The collection of this so-called Sunda expedition is numbered 530-4704,7 viz from Lombok the nos 530-2509, Tukang-besi Isls 2510-2591, Buton 2592-2848, Muna 2849-2962, SE. Celebes 2963-3236, Kabaëna 3237-3498, Sumbawa 3499-4206, Flores 4207-4347, Wetar 4348-4704; the preceding numbers pertaining to the collection 1907-08.

The collection from G. Lawoe was described by H. Hallier;5 that of the Sunda expedition by the latter and various other monographers.6 Hallier’s papers include an enumeration of the Sunda expedition numbers with pertaining localities.7

Living plants from Lombok, Celebes and Wetar to Hort. Bog.



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biographical data:

Frankf. Wochenschrift ‘Die Umschau’ 20,1916,p.281-285; Backer, Verkl. Woordenb., 1936.