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Hallier, Johann Gottfried ('Hans')


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 5: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement I)


Born: 1868, Jena, Germany. Died: 1932, Oegstgeest, Z.H., Holland.



Botanist, educated at Jena and Munich universities, taking his Ph. D. in 1892 at Jena; from 1892-93 Assistant at the University of Göttingen; 1893-96 temporary Assistant at the Buitenzorg Herbarium, Java; Assistant Head of the Botanical Laboratory of the University of Munich, 1897-98; Assistant of the Director of the Museum and Laboratory for Commercial Botany at Hamburg, 1898-1908; from 1908-22 Assistant at the State Herbarium, Leiden.

At the instance of the Indian Committee he was attached to the first scientific Borneo expedition (see below). In the years 1903-04 he travelled in the Philippines etc., for the purpose of collecting material for the Botanical Museum at Hamburg; during his stay in the P.I. he was appointed collector of the Exposition Board for the World Exposition at St Louis, U.S.A. In 1908/10 he paid a visit to the U.S.A. and Canada.

Author of many plant systematic and other papers; one of the promoters of the German race superiority theory.

Several Malaysian plants were named in his honour.


Collecting localities:

1893. Sumatra West Coast: Emmahaven near Padang (Febr. 2I); W. Java: environs of Buitenzorg; Banka (July 29).-Expedition to W. and Centr. Borneo, 1893-94;1 cf. also sub Nieuwenhuis, and Molengraaff. Pontianak (Sept. 24, 1893); Soeka Lanting, Kapoeas delta (24-27); Singkawang and P. L(o)emoekoetan (Oct. 3-7); Sambas, trip to G. Damoes (22-24) and G. Semedoem in the source region; kp. Dawar-Sanggau (27); Sanggau (Oct. 27-Nov. 2); Sg. Sambas and Sg. Tanggi (3-5); Pontianak (6-22); Poetoes Sibau on the Sibau River (30); making headquarters of the expedition at Smitau on the Upper Kapoeas (Dec. 3); exploration (3-18) ofthe Sg. Sibau, S. Smitau, S. Rikai, S. Keniboeng, S. Kenara, etc.; Oeloe Kenepai (19); G. Kenepai (20-29, near the base; Dec. 30-Jan. 4, 1894, ascent); Sg. Kenepai (7-8); Smitau; Sg. Kenepai (14-23); Sintang (26), from where to G. K(e)lam (Jan. 30-Febr. 13, ascending the summit 5 times); Smitau (17-26, for the greater part ill); Sg. Mandai (Febr. 28-March 3); Nanga Raoen on the upper course of the Mandai (4-6); Mt Liang Gagang (March 7-Apr. 6); Nanga Raoen (7-14); Mt Amai Ambit (Apr. 15-May 4); Nanga Raoen (5-6); returning to Java on account of ill health; back at Buitenzorg (June 6). -1894-96. W. Java: environs of Buitenzorg, Bot. Gardens Buitenzorg, Depok, G. Salak (Tjiapoes), Tandjong Priok, Batavia, Kalibata, Poentjak, Telaga Warna, G. Tjibodas (Tiampea), G. Gedeh (Tjipanas, Tjibodas, Lebaksaät, Jan.-Febr. 1895), Garoet, Tjipakoe (Aug. 14, 1896), G. Wangoen (Aug. 1896); Malay Peninsula: Singapore (Oct. -14-15, 1896), visiting Bt Timah (15); Penang.-1903-04. Southsea Voyage: sailing from Genoa (Apr. 7, 1903); stay in Ceylon; Bot. Garden Penang (May 12); Singapore (l4); Hongkong; Philippine Islands, Luzon: arriving at Manila (May 24); vicinity of Manila and Prov. of Camarines: Kakalangen, N of Manila, and Pasig (May 26-31); S. Luzon, Camarines Norte (June 8-12), between the harbours Barra de Mercedes and Daët, etc.; Camarines Sur, Nueva Caceres (June 18), ascent of Mt Iriga (20-22), and back at Nueva Caceras (24-26); Manila, July 13 sailing for Hongkong; Carolines; Hongkong; back in the Philippines, Luzon: Manila (arrival Nov. 17), San Miguel (21); Santa Mesa, E of Manila (22); environs of Manila; Ermita, Manila (29); from Caloocan to Malintah, N of Manila, visiting Blanco’s house (Dec. 6); Malamawi Isl. (6); Los Baños (Laguna) (15-21); San Lazaro near Manila (25, 27); Olongapoh N of Manila (29); trip to Subig, spending New Year’s Eve and Day at Cabatogan, Subig Peninsula (Zambales Prov.) remaining till Jan. 7, 1904; from Manila via Mindoro, Romblon, Masbate, Cebu and Mindanao to Basilan: (San) Isabela (Jan. 14-Febr. 6); Mindanao: Zamboanga (Febr. 6-17); San Ramon (17-27); via Cebu, Masbate, Romblon and Mindoro back to Luzon: Manila (March 4-25), going again t o Kakalangen where he collected in Loher’s garden (N of Manila) and at Calla Novaliches (20); sailing for Hongkong; via Shanghai to Japan; Hongkong; on the homeward passage visiting: Singapore (May 30-June 13); P. Penang (June 15); Ceylon; back at Genoa (July 22).



Herb. Bog. [BO]: > 3450 nos Borneo Expedition,2 W. Java collection (made on behalf of the ‘Flore de Buitenzorg’), etc.; Herb. Hamburg [HBG]: original set of the Philippines etc., c. 2250 nos and dupl. of other collections; also in Mus. Hamburg. Duplicates in Herb. Manila [PNH]: 773 nos Philip. Isls and dupl. from Hamburg (Philip., Mariannes, Singapore, etc.); Herb. Leiden [L]; Herb. Boiss. and Deless. (Geneva [G]): c. 250 nos ‘plant. ind. et malay.’ (purch. 1898, 1901); Herb. Berl. [B]: 70 Borneo plants and 20 from the Indian Archipelago; Herb. Sydney [NSW]: Davallia dupl. from Java (pres. by Kew); Herb. Munich [M]; Herb. Utrecht [U] (Borneo and Java).

From lists in the archives in Leiden Herbarium it is evident that he collected 842 nos in the Philippines, viz: 384 in Luzon, 21 in Romblon, 3 in Masbate, 20 in Cebu, 166 in Basilan, and 248 in Mindanao.

The collections from Sumatra and Banka (1893) are numbered with C nos.

Living plants from Borneo in Hort. Bog.3



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biographical data:

Short sketch of the life and scientific education of Hans Hallier Ph.D. (MS. made by Hallier himself in 1910, in Leiden Herbarium files); Backer, Verkl. Woordenb., 1936.