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Molengraaff, Gustaaf Adolf Frederik


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1860, Nijmegen, Gld, Holland. Died: 1942, Wassenaar, Z.H., Holland.



Geologist, educated at Leiden and Utrecht (Ph. Dr 1886); continuing his study at the University of Munich, 1887-88; Lecturer in Geology etc. (1888-91) and subsequently Professor (1891-97) at Amsterdam; Government Geologist of the S. African Republic, 1897-1902; Consulting Geologist at Johannesburg, 1902-05; Professor at the Technical College of Delft, 1906-30.

He made an expedition in Borneo (see below), making a small botanical collection after the departure of Hallier.1


Collecting localities:

Borneo Expedition, 1893-94.1 For the 1st part of the expedition cf. sub H. Hallier and A.W. Nieuwenhuis.2 After the departure of Hallier, from Poetoes Sibau (June 15, 1894) to the mountainous country of Upper Embalau; Na Boengan (23); Na Boelit (28), Pangkalan Mahakkam (July 3); Sg. Penanei (14) (on the way climbing Bt Betoeng = Bt Lekoedjan); back to Pangkalan Mahakkam (18); Poetoes Sibau (22);3 from Smitau (Aug. 7) to the mountainous country between Oeloe Seberoeang and Oeloe Embahoe; Bt Oeian (10); Batoe Raoeng (11); Bt Pijaboeng (summit on the 15th); Bt Ampan and back to S(e)mitau (19); Sintang (20); Nanga Pinoh; Sintang (-Sept. 2); Smitau; Boenoet (5); Na Sebelit; Bt Oendau; Bt Sekoedjan pr.p.; Bt Loeboek (11); Lematak, Goeroeng Pelai, the Pangkalan Kapala Riam, Goeroeng Nakan, Goeroeng Benoewang (15); near the Pangkalan Paneh, proceeding by land (16); ridge Bt Beransa; the Babar Hantoe; Madi Mts; Sg. Paneh (22); Bt Sedaroeng (30); Na Moribooi; G. Raja (summit Oct. 5-6) and Bt Tjondong in the Schwaner MIS; Moribooi (9); the Oeloe Kowin (12); Sg. Samba (17); mountain excursion in the vicinity of Toembang Habangooi; Bt Tandok (21); going down the Katingan (= Mendawai) to the Java Sea; from Pegattan (Oct. 30) to Bandjermasin (Nov. 1) by boat, and from there returning to Java. Before setting out on the home voyage, he was once more at Sintang with a view to the collections.4



Herb. Bog. [BO]: 25 nos from Bt Raja (2000 m alt.) and Bt Tjindong or Tjondong (1000 m), numbered in continuation of those of Hallier and accordingly upwards of 3000. Evidently the collection included some ferns.5



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biographical data:

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