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Nieuwenhuis, Anton Willem


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 5: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement I)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1864, Papendrecht, Z.H., Holland. Died: 1953, Leiden, Holland.



Was educated at Leiden and Freiburg i.B. universities; since 1889 surgeon in the D.E. Indian Army; he made several Borneo expeditions (see below),1 in 1896-97 and 1898-1900 as leader; from 1904-34 Professor of Ethnology of the D.E.I. at Leiden University.

Several plants were named after him and his wife, Mrs M.J T. Nieuwenhuis-von Uexküll Güldenbandt (died Jan. 1970, Leiden, Netherlands, nearly 97 years old).


Collecting localities:







1 W. & Centr. Borneo Expedition, 1893-94. In company with Hallier and Molengraaff (see those). At first for 3 months on the Mandai River; back to Poetoes Sibau; the trip to the Mahakam was planned for June 1894, when arriving in the latter’s basin (July), the leader (the District Officer of.the Upper Kapoeas) refused to proceed and accordingly the expedition returned at Poetoes Sibau (22); explorations near the Mendalam River, making headquarters at Tandjong Karang till the end of September.-Across Borneo, 1896-97. Embarking (end of Febr. 1896) for Pontianak, from where by boat (March 7) to Sintang; proceeding (27) via Boenoet to Poetoes Sibau and (Apr. 7) to the Mendalam River, settling for some months at Tandjong Karang again; arrival of the other members of the expedition and the plant collector Jaheri (see there) at Poetoes Sibau (May); proceeding from there (July 3) to Sioet, Long Hakat, Long Mensikai, Nanga Lapong, Goeroeng Delapan, the Bongan, Goeroeng Bakan; going up the Boelit (20) and by land to the Mahakam, passing the watershed, Bt Antara and Penanei (stay some time); proceeding by boat to the Mahakam, following the Kaso; Belarè, mouth of the Bloe-oe; sojourn on the Bloe-oe (since Aug. 30); setting out (Sept. 27) to the Upper Bloe-oe, from where (Oct. 6) going up to Lilit Boelan; ascending the Tepoesè, Sepan Dingei (saline spring near the Dingei), G. Moang, downstream the Bloe-oe, Bt Kasian (22); Nov. 11 back to the Mahakam, Bt Liang Karing, the Tjehan, the Pakatè and back near the Bloe-oe; trip to Long Tepai (without Jaheri), visiting the Merasè, Batoe Sala, Sepan Daja and Long Boeleng; bivouac on the Bloe-oe (Dec. 3); descending the Bloe-oe (Febr. 5, 1897) and going up the Mahakam past Long Boeleng (this time with Jaheri who was to collect in the surrounding limestone hills), and back to Bloe-oe; final departure (Apr. 9), to go downstream the Mahakam, stopping at Batoe Sala (Apr. 14-18), Long Tepai, Long Deho, Bt Batoe Ajo (Apr. 30-May 1; much Nepenthes); from Long Deho (May 7) via the Kiham Oedang and the Kiham Halo to Long Boenoet (8) and passing Long Bagoeng, Long Howong, Tepoe, Melak, Tengaron, to Samarinda (end of May); sailing (June 5) for Bandjermasin and from there to Soerabaja. Across Borneo, 1898-1900. cf. also sub Amdjah and Sakaran or Sekarang. Pontianak (May 1898); navigating the Kapoeas (from May 24), passing Sintang (26), Semitau, Boenoet (28), to Poetoes Sibau (staying May 29-Aug. 18; Amdjah beginning his botanical explorations); by boat (Aug. 19) to Sioet and going up the Upper Kapoeas via Goeroeng Delapan and Goeroeng Bakang; mouth of the Boelit, ascending it; bivouac at Pangkalan Howong (Nieuwenhuis and some others climbing the Liang Tibab on Sept. 14); by land (Sept. 16) to the Mahakam, crossing the Boengan, watershed, mouth of the Bloe-oe; several minor trips, viz to Batoe Mili (Oct. 22 and in Nov. again), near the Merasè (= probably identical with the S. Marace of Amdjah), Batoe Marong, near the Tasan; Batoe Sala, Napo Lioe, Loeloe Sirang; ascent of Batoe Sitoen, Loeloe Sirang; the Tjehan, climbing Liang Karing; ascent of Batoe Lesong (setting out on Jan. 16, 1899, staying for some days); final departure from Long Bloe-oe (Apr. 13) to the coast, via Batoe Sala, Long Tepai, Long Deho, Long Glat, Oema Mehak, Oedjoe Halang, Ana and Tengaron to Samarinda (arriving June 9). The native collectors returned to Buitenzorg and Nieuwenhuis prepared for an expedition to the Apoe Kajan; departing from Samarinda (June 17) going up the Mahakam again, to Oedjoe Tepoe, Ana, Long Howong, Oema Mehak, Long Deho, climbing Batoe Ajo, Long Tdpai, Long Bloe-oe; from there making a 1-month trip to the sources of the Mahakam: setting out (Oct. 1) to the Selirong River; proceeding afoot (11) via the Lasang Towong to the Lasang Toejang, from where going hack on the 14th; ascent of the Batoe Balo Baung (22-24) and back to Long Bloe-oe; from there (March 9, 1900) to Long Deho; proceeding (May 17) to the Boh, making a 3-month bivouac; breaking camp (Aug. 6), navigating the Boh, the Oga, Temha and the Meseai; by land (Aug. 23) to the watershed; in Tanah Poetih near the Apoe Kajan (Sept. 5); visiting several neighbouring villages; Long Nawang and hack to Tanah Poetih; setting out (Nov. 4) to bivouac on the Kajan, Long Laja, descent to the Meseai, on the Mahakam again, Long Iram and back at Samarinda (Dec.).



Herb. Bog. [BO]; dupl. in Herb. Leiden [L]. During the expeditions plants were collected by Hallier, Molengraaff, Jaheri, Amdjah and Sakaran or Sekarang (see those), but besides by Nieuwenhuis himself. The plants were separately numbered; he collected ferns too,2 the latter partly in Herb. Christ (now at Paris [P]). Herb. Kol. (= Ind.) Inst. Amsterdam: material of Strychnos sp. div., etc. (pres. 1902).

Living plants in Hort. Bog. (pres. 1897),3 also in subsequent years, for the greater part collected by the Indonesian assistants.



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(2) cf. H. Christ in Ann. Jard. Bot. Buit. 20, 1907, p. 92-140.

(3) cf. Verkl. Pl. Tuin Buitenzorg for 1897, p.61-63.


biographical data:

Oost en West 1934, p. 124; Wie is dat? 1935, p. 266; Backer, Verkl. Woordenb., 1936.


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75 years old

Leidsch Dagblad, Thursday 24 Sep. 1953

96 years old

Leidsch Dagblad, 7 Jan. 1970