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Giulianetti, Amadeo


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Died: Nov. 4, 1901, shot at Mekeo, SE. New Guinea.



Came to SE. New Guinea as assistant of L. Loria (see there). When once more in that island in 1896, he made a tour with Sir W. MacGregor and was subsequently appointed Travelling Government Agent for the collecting of natural history objects; in Febr. 1897 appointed Government Agent for the Interior and in Sept. 1898 ditto of Mekeo District.

The genus Giulianettia Rolfe and several plant species were named in his honour.


Collecting localities:

SE. New Guinea, 1889-c. 1897. Arriving at Port Moresby (June 10, 1889) in company with L. Loria (itiner., liter., etc. see there). -1892. With C. Kowald (Govt Agent) from Mekeo (Oct. 13) to the villages on the Upper Angabunga River, returning Dec. 10.1 -1896. After a stay in Europe, returning to New Guinea; Port Moresby (end of Apr.);2 with Sir W. MacGregor (itiner. and liter. see there) to Darn and the Wasu Kusa (Apr. 29-end of May). In his function of Travelling Govt Agent setting out from Port Moresby (July 2); Magula on Orangerie Bay (4); march to the Suabina Mts, staying a fortnight in the vicinity of the village Boirawe; bivouac between Koiari and Milne Bay (some days at the end of July); to Samarai; in the beginning of Aug. with W. MacGregor (see there) to the Mambare River etc. (till Aug. 25), then proceeding on his own; he arrived in Lookout bivouac in advance of MacGregor, and ascended Mt Scratchley (Oct. 9-15); descending to Neneba on the Adjibara, where collecting was done (also at Maiama) until Nov. 9; reaching the coast (29) and back to Port Moresby.3-1897. Instructed to clear a path from the Vanapa to the O wen Stanley Range: upstream the Vanapa River (March 3-5) to Daura (= Doura) and Kone (Koni) (6); bivouac on the Toiwa (= Evelyn River) (14); Exton River (17); Kebokanamo Creek (19); the Atoa (Bebi) (20); Suku (21-23); Amaseba (24); Sikube (29-31); back at Port Moresby (Apr. 14). Setting out for the 2nd time to the Vanapa (June 8); Morabi ( -June l5); Kone; Suku (19); Amaseba; Ilabana (25); trail to the Wharton Range, reaching a spur (30) and collecting at 11000 ft alt.; breaking camp (Aug. 10) and viai Neneba in the Adjibara Valley to Maclaughlan River (18); Mt Scratchley (20); Wharton Range Station (Aug. 24-Sept. 17); fruitless attempt to climb Mt Albert Edward (Sept. 18-29); Wharton Range Station (Sept. 29-Oct. 17); to the Mambare River; Tamata Station (Nov. 20), and downstream to the mouth.4-1898. Leaving Port Moresby (Sept. 13), to take over the administration of Mekeo District: Mekeo (16), from where making several minor tours.5-1899. With J.A. Blayney (Res. Magistr.) on an expedition from Delena (July 21); from Paukawa along the Ethel River and the Upupu to Epa; Inaumolopa (24); crossing the Manena in eastern direction to Wanua (26); descent, crossing the Akuluma; via Ika ascending to Aliama (28); Mt Kebea (30), Pia; descending to the Ulala, a tributary of St Joseph River; ascending to Eola (31); Igilaha (Aug. 2); Kea; Kaidiaba (Magula) (3); Tjiwua; Pia (14), from where in northern direction; watershed (17); the Papala (18); Paula; Paura (21); the Auiu and the Awera (24); Awo Rani (25); along the Aabawe and the tributary of the Aroa, the laroga, to Aworani and Hiba; the Afe (28); Sekuba (30); Iritumuni; Mt Fabana (Sept. 3); back to the Afe and Hiba; descending to the laroga (6); Mt Koewan; descending to the Ilabana; junction with the Iaroga, following its course to Arowa; Kereo (9); Delena (12).6-1899-1900. Some minor tours.-1901. With le Hunte and F.R. Barton (see there) from Port Moresby, visiting the Apisi, Ethel River, the Bioto and St Joseph River, Mekeo Station, etc.



Herb. Melbourn [MEL]; Herb. Kew [K]: 2 New Guinea collections (pres. 1897-98) (with A.C. English from Vanapa Valley and Wharton Range, pres. per W. MacGregor), about 120 specim. of flow. plants, 9 ferns, mosses, lichens and liverworts.7 In Herb. Berl. [B]: 14 nos of orchids coll. with Loria (pres. 1896); Loria forwarded part of his collections to Schlechter, whose herbarium was bequeathed to Berlin in 1913 (for dupl. cf. sub Schlechter).

He made zoological collections too.



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biographical data:

Backer, Verkl. Woordenb., 1936.