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Hasselt, Arend Ludolf van


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1848, Groningen, Holland. Died: 1909, Oosterbeek, Gld, Holland.



Came to the East Indies in 1868 as a non-commissioned officer, the next year joining the Civil Service. After passing an examination in Europe (1872), he returned to the Indies again and was successively stationed in Java and Sumatra. In 1877 he was appointed leader of the non-nautical part of the expedition to Central Sumatra under the auspices of the ‘Kon. Ned. Aardrijkskundig Genootschap’; due to several circumstances no botanist accompanied this expedition. In 1879 on European leave, in June 1882 back in Java, in 1888 appointed Resident in Tapanoeli (Sumatra), in 1893 of the Riouw Archipelago; in 1896 he retired on account of ill health. From 1898-1900 Professor of Ethnography at the former Indian Institution at Delft, Holland.

Globba hasseltii Boerl. and Rafflesia hasseltii Sur. were named in his honour.


Collecting localities:

Central Sumatra Expedition, 1877-78.1 Arrival at Padang (Sumatra West Coast) of the other members of the expedition (Febr. 23, 1877); Soepajang (March 8); Solok (16); via Singkarah to Padang Pandjang (17); Fort de Kock (18), from where making the following trips: Manindjau (the recorded date is the 26th, evidently a printer’s error and rightly the 20th!), Biarau cave (23), Taloe (25), Ladang Lawas, Koebang Poetih and back to Fort de Kock; Paja Koemboeh (26), Haraukloof (27), Boea (28), Boea Cave (29), Fort van der Capellen (30), Pendjalangan (31), Singkarah (Apr. 1), Solok (2), Siloengkang (9), Solok (10) and some minor trips in the vicinity of Fort de Kock; Soepajang (15), making excursions in the neighbourhood (to Siroekam on the 22nd); setting out (May 8) across the mountains via Ajer Boesoek, Rengkiang, Loeloes (climbing Poentjak Penjaringan on May 12), Moeara, Grabak, Datar, Loeboe Karah, to Silago (staying May 22-June 6); to Sg. Simauoeng (7-17) and to Moeara Mamoen; Silago (July 1-12); region between the Mamoen and the Koeantan; along the eastern boundaries of the at that time Dutch territory, to the Pangéan and ascent of Bt Boela (24); Loeboe Tarab (Aug. 1); Soepajang (4); Solok (6); Alahan Pandjang (8) and environs (G. Talang on Aug. 23); setting out (Sept. 30) to Moeara Laboe, staying there; Oct. 18 to Loeboe gedang in the XII Kota; Kerintji Peak (reaching the summit on Dec. 11); returning to Loeboe gedang (29); journey to Padang (discovering Rafflesia hasseltii Sur. between Liki and Moeara Laboeh); back at Padang (Jan. 22, 1878); S. Sumatra: Palembang (March 22); by paddle-boat (30) and proa to Soeroelangoen (staying till Apr. 28, making trips in the environs); via the Oeloe Rawas (Napal Litjin, Moeara Menkoelem); May 18 to Lebong, Bt Loemoet and G. Amboengan bras; on the way (June 7) to Redjang and Sindang, and back to Soeroelangoen from Teloek Doerian; Soeroelangoen (17); to Limoen, partly by proa (28), from where sudden return on account of hostilities of the natives; Soeroelangoen (July 9); tours through Palembang and Lower Djambi, partly by land (since July 22); embarking (Sept. 26), Batavia bound and after a sojourn till Oct. 11, sailing for Padang, from where to Paja Koemboeh for the study of some Malayan manuscripts. -1894-96. In this period visiting the Anambas & Natoena Islands.2



Herb. Leiden [L]: from Sumatra3 and the Anambas & Natoena Islands.4 The Sumatra collection is small and incomplete, but valuable owing to the material collected on G. Kerintji with D.D. Veth (see there).

378 Wood samples from the Sumatra Expedition in Kol. (= Ind.) Inst. Amsterdam (pres. 1880).



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biographical data:

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