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Horner, Ludwig


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1811, Zürich, Switzerland. Died: Dec. 7, 1838, Padang, Sumatra.



Surgeon-geologist who was educated at Heidelberg, Germany; in 1835 appointed Medical Officer in the D.E. Indian Army and member of the ‘Natuurkundige Commissie’ (Commission for Natural Sciences). In the latter function he made geological investigations in several islands of the Malay Archipelago.1

Several plants were named in his honour.


Collecting localities:

1835. W. Sumatra.2 Starting in the environs of Padang, visiting the Apenberg (Bt Padang), trips to the W. side of the Padang coastal hills, Ajer-manis, Oedjoeng Batoe-poetih, P. Pisang ketjil, P. Pisang-gedang, P. Bindalang, excursions to the main range G. Melintang and northward to the banks of the Oedjong Karang River, Bt Nengalo; by sea to Indrapoera, Brandewijn Bay, Boengoes Bay (staying 2 months), some smaller bays and Setan or Hout Bay and various islets (e.g. P. Marak), bays of Salidah and Tjin(g)ko, P. Tjin(g)ko ketjil and besar; sailing up the Indrapoera (cf. also sub Korthals); back to Padang by sea (end of July); journey from Tapanoeli northward along the coast to Sokam (= prob. Pasarsorkam), visiting the Marsalah group (= P. Morsala, Moesala or Mansalar).-1836. W. Java: G. Gedeh (May); Bantam (cf. sub Korthals and S. Müller). SE. Borneo (Aug.-Dec.; cf. sub Korthals and S. Müller).3-1837. N. Celebes (according to Backer, Verkl. Woordenb., 1936). Batoe Islands, W of Sumatra (Sept. 13-Oct. 2).4-1838. W. Sumatra.2 From Kajoe Tanam (Febr. 1) to Plateau of Agam (Ambatjan Pass); G. Merapi (Febr. 8-14, not on the summit); Fort v. d. Capellen (20); Lima Kaum (21-24, G. Besi on the 22th); to Telaweh (25) in the Ombilin Valley; Tandjong Ampalo (26); Fort Boeah Pandjang (27-28); via Marapalam Pass to Fort v. d. Capellen; to Tandjong Alam (March 3).5 Summit G. Ophir (May 14 of this year?).6 From Padang (July)2 by sea to Tapanoeli; Ajerbangi (= Aierbangis), making excursions in the environs, P. Pangalarang, P. Pandjang, P. Pangka; Natar (= Natal; beginning of Aug.) and vicinity; P. Ilir; Bay of Tapanoeli and islets in it; the interior of Tapanoeli: Loemoet, Batang Angkolah and proceeding (Aug. 27) to Pitjar-kolling, Goenoengtoea, Pertibi (= Portibi), Padanglawas Distr., back to Pitjarkolling (Sept. 3) and following the valley of the Lower Angkolah (7) and Mandaheling, via Fort Elout, Kota Nopan ( ? Hoetanopan), Botoeng, to Rau (= Raoe; Sept. 17); setting out (23) to Pakantan; some villages in the SW. part of Mandaheling: Kota Poenkoet, Kota Paloepoe, Kota Nopan, Simpang Tolang (30), Menambing (Oct. 3), Botoeng (4), Simpang-datar, especially for a visit to the gold-diggings; Oct. 7 back to Kota Nopan; via Ajer Nanali (12) to Moearasoma (14), Tapoes (17), to Natar (= Natal; 18) from where by sea to Padang, Horner being ill already at his arrival.



Sumatra plants after his death in Herb. Junghuhn = Leiden [L]; some dupl. in Herb. Bog. [BO]. To our knowledge he made botanical collections only in Sumatra.

Several MSS, notes, and diaries, in the municipal library of Zürich, Switzerland.



(1) Author of mainly geological and mineralogical papers, published in Verh. Bat. Gen. K. & W. 1839 (on Borneo, Bantam and G. Gedeh), in Tijdschr. Nat. Gesch. & Physiol. 4, 1938, p. 359 (on Borneo), etc.

(2) S. Müller & L. Horner: ‘Fragmenten uit de reizen en onderzoekingen in Sumatra’ (Bijdr. Taal-, Land- en Volkenk. N.I. 2, 1854, p. 212-271; l.c. 3, 1855, p. 65-72, 193-249, 313-388). Herein the 2nd journey to Sumatra is dated in 1835, overlapping the 1st in the month of July etc.; in the same publication is mentioned a ‘redoute’ at Pitjarkolling which was not built before Dec. 1837 and was in use by the army when the party was there in Aug.-Sept.; so we may assume that the 2nd journey took place in 1838, and was not accompanied by S. Müller who had returned to Europe in 1837.

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biographical data:

17te Neujahrsblatt z.B. des Zürcher Waisenhauses 1854; Encylop. N.I. 2, 1918; in the Zürcher Taschenbuch 1919 and 1926, p. 173 seq.; Mitt. d. Gruppe Nied. Ind. d. Neuen Helvet. Ges. 5, 1927, p. 10-13, w. portr.; Backer, Verkl. Woordenb., 1936.