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Müller, Salomon


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1804, Heidelberg, Germany. Died: 1864, Freiburg, Baden, Germany.



Arrived at Batavia in 1826 and was placed at the disposal of Boie and Macklot of the ‘Natuurkundige Commissie’ (Commission for Natural Sciences) as taxidermist; in 1835 appointed as a member of the ‘Commissie’. In April 1837 he returned to Europe; after his return he worked out the results of his investigations.1 When the Commission was discontinued in 1850, he was pensioned off.


Collecting localities:

1826-27. Java; ascent of G. Pangrange, in W. Java (1827).-1828-29. Voyage in the corvette ‘Triton’ (detailed itiner. and liter. cf. sub Zipelius and Macklot) to New Guinea and Timor. In the latter island the members of the ‘Natuurkundige Commissie’ were left behind at Koepang in Oct. 1828, to stay there a good year. Müller gave a description of the following trips (cf. Timor sub Liter. 1): with Macklot in eastern direction following the seashore to Manikie (Nov. 1, 1828); sojourn at Babauw (= Babao), Pritti (= Pariti) and neighbouring regions (end of Nov.-Dec.); from Pariti making several tours to the neighbour ing mountains; Amarassie and Amabie; penetrating into the interior with Macklot and van Oort (Aug. 23, 1829), from Babao past Noekoeroes, near the river Oeël, to the foot of Fatoe Benkoole; Kota Amarassie (26); to the Noi Noni (Gold River) (27); Pasie; following a flat ridge along the Netem Oeët; via Nefo to Molo (30); plain of Wienoto at the SW. side of G. Mieomaffo (Sept. 7-30): Masimata (army camp of Ambenoe) (till Oct. 2); dry bed of the Noi Lelo, mountain plain Kelamnela, 2 small plains W of it, Kekkoen and Bakasiesie; Fatoe Neitassie and basin-shaped valley Anabahat (till Oct. 4); western side of Netem Malieas, a plain traversed by the Soepoe; proceeding in western direction to the rock Lelogama; along river Oben; banks of the Noi Nitie (Oct. 7-9); to Pariti (10). P. Kainbing, N of Timor, was visited too (1829).-1831. N. coast of Java; W. Java: G. Gedeh with Korthals (see there) (Sept.).-1832. W. Java: Tjassem (= Tjiasem) (Apr. 29), Pamanoekan (May); Lembang, climbing G. Tangkoeban Prahoe (Sept. 15-19).2-1833. W. Java: with van Oort in Priangan Res.3 at Lewie Gadja (Jan. 3-14); Tji(e)li(e)lin (15-19), on G. Loemboeng etc.; Tjiewiedé (= Tjiwidej) (Jan. 20-Febr. 9), climbing G. Patoeha (Jan. 30); Gamboeng (Febr. 10), on the slope of G. Tiloe; Bandjaran (Febr. 11-March 10), G. Tangkoeban Prahoe, Lembang; Bandoeng; G. Malabar (Apr.).-1833-35. Sumatra West Coast. With Korthals (itiner. etc. see there; only partially identical); van Oort too accompanied this tour till his death. Müller made a trip by boat (lan. 1834) to Boengoes Bay, and back to Padang (Apr.); early in May he joined Korthals c.s. on the Singalang; end of Nov. with the latter to the Padang Highlands for the ascent of G. Merapi and a visit to the 10 kottas; after return at Fort de Kock, alone to Pajakombo and to the 50 kottas in the Padang Highlands.4-1836. W. Java: G. Gedeh-Pangrango (May) with Korthals and Horner.5 In the same year (July 28-Dec. 17) with both of them to SE. Borneo (cf. detailed itiner. etc. sub Korthals). M. collected on the Troe and Palandau River, a tributary of the Kar(r)au.



Mainly zoological, but he collected some plants too, to my knowledge in SE. Borneo (Doesoen Lands) only. Probably in Herb. Leiden [L]. Some dupl. in Herb. Munich [M].

Plants of his were described by Blume, Miquel and Korthals.



(1) Many of his treatises were published in Temminck, Verb. Nat. Gesch. d. Nederl. Overz. Bezittingen, 1839-44, vol. Land- en Volkenkunde, e.g.: ‘Over Nieuw Guinee’ (l.c. p. 1-80; report on the voyage in the ‘Triton’ and descriptions of the vegetation from observations of the late Zipelius in SW. New Guinea near Triton Bay); ‘Over Celebes, Boeton, Ambon en Banda etc. (l.c. 83-128); ‘Over Timor etc. (l.c. p. 131-312); ‘Over Zuid~Borneo’ (l.c. p. 323-446); ‘Gezigten van bergen, kraters en eilanden van Java, Sumatra en de straat Sunda’ (l.c. p. 447-469). Besides, author of ‘Über den Charakter der Tierwelt auf den Inseln des Indischen Archipels, ein Beitrag zur zoologische Geographic’ (Arch. f. Naturgeschichte 12, 1, 1846); ‘Reizen en onderzoekingen in den Indischen Archipel, tusschen de jaren 1828 en 1836’ (Amsterdam 1857, 2 vols, edited by the Kon. Inst. Taal-, Land- en Volkenk.).

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‘Fragmenten uit de reizen en onderzoekingen op Sumatra, gedaan op last der Ned. Ind. Regeering (1833-1838), door S. Müller en L. Horner, Leden der Natuurkundige Commissie in Ned. Ind. en bewerkt door eerstgenoemde’ (Tijdschr. Taal-, Land-, en Volkenk. 2, 1854, p. 212-271; l.c. 3, 1855, p. 65-72, 193-249, 313-388).

(5) cf. Verb. Bat. Gen. K. & W. 17, 1839, p. 3.


biographical data:

Encyclop. N.I. 2 1918; Backer, Verkl. Woordenb., 1936, sub mulleri and muelleri).