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Horst, Dirk Willem


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1846, Wehl, Gld, Holland. Died: 1904, Amsterdam, Holland.



Since 1870 officer in the D.E. Indian Civil Service, from 1895-1903 Resident of Ternate. He was an orchid amateur and rendered good service to Boerlage and J.J. Smith during their expedition to the Moluccas in 1900.

Dendrobium horstii J.J.Sm. was named after him.


Collecting localities:

1886. In the warship ‘Tromp’1 sailing (Aug. 8) to: S. coast of Waigeo(u), Klein Saunek (= ? Saonek); NW. New Guinea, Vogelkop: Bay of Doré (15-18); Schouten Islands: S. coast of Soepiori, Wiak (= Biak) (12); P. Japen: Bay of Ansoes (27), Bay of Seroei (Sept. I); P. Koeroedoe; sailing along the N. coast; P. Anoes (6); N. New Guinea: Humboldt Bay (10), Tobadi, Kajo Isl.; Sept. 13 starting the voyage home, touching at P. Roön in GeelvinkBay, Bay of Doré (22-24); Salawati: Samaté (26); back in Ternate (30).-1895. In the ‘Pelikaan’2 to the N. coast of New Guinea as far as Astrolabe Bay (Sept.); in Oct. visiting Dord Bay, the W. coast of Geelvink Bay to Wendèsi (= Windehsi), Kabo, Dusnèr, and back to Ternate-1896.3 Via P. Gebe, Waigeo(u), Samaté and Sailolof on Salawati, Miso(ö)l, to SW. New Guinea, Vogelkop: Sekar Bay (June 16); mouth of the Insé (= Jakati, with Horst), ascending the river part of the way; back in Ternate (30).-To NW. New Guinea, Vogelkop:4 Bay of Dore (Oct.); P. Manaswari; Mapia Islands; Geelvink Bay; P. Nufor (= Noemfoor); Schouten Islands: Soepiori, S. coast of Wiak (= Biak); P. Aberé (= Koeroedoe); Tanah Merah Bay; P. Japen (Ansoes); P. Ro(ö)n (Oct. 30); Wendèsi, Wasuir on Wandamèn Peninsula; Andai and Doré; Gisser (= ? P. Geser); P. Aidoema and P. Lakahia (near the SW. coast of New Guinea); Ternate (Nov. 21).-1897. In the ‘Zeemeeuw’ to SW. New Guinea:5 P. Lakahia; eastern entrance of Kajoemerah Bay (l9); P. Lakahai (22); Etna Bay; P. Lakahia (29); Ternate. In the ‘Zeemeeuw’ to Dutch N. New Guinea:6 Bay of Doré, embarking on the cruiser ‘Borneo’ (sailing from there on Aug. 11); anchoring S of the Arimoa Islands; P. Liki; P. (D)Jamna; Tanah Merah Bay (14); Humboldt Bay, Tobadi; Jotefa Bay (15), kp. Nafri (Waba) and Isl. Metu Går; mouth of the Tami River (16); Humboldt Bay; Tanah Merah Bay (3 days); Isl. of Boèk and Madiun and the opposite mainland; rowing up part of the way of the Witriwái (20); Podena Isl.; Bay of Ansoes (S. coast of P. Japen; 22); Bay of Doré (till Aug. 26); Ternate (28). In the ‘Zeemeeuw’ to the N. coast of Salawati (Sept. 11), moving again to the ‘Borneo’; Bay of Doré (12); Wendesi; P. Ro(ö)n; P. Japen: Ansoes (16) and Wo(ö)i Bay (18); Bay of Doré (19); Ternate (21).-1898. In the ‘Zeemeeuw’ to NW. New Guinea, Vogelkop:7 Bay of Doré; Andai; W. coast Geelvink Bay; Warbusi Bay; Weror and opposite coast of Wandamèn Peninsula; delta of the Wosmimi; P. Ro(ö)n; Oct. 30 to Umar Bay and the mouths of the Bawé and the Jaratuar River; Doré Bay (Nov. 6); Manokwari (8).-1899.8 Banggai Islands, E of Celebes (Nov. 23); Soela Islands.-1900. In the ‘Zeemeeuw’ (Apr. 8) from Ternate to Salawati (Samate); NW. New Guinea, Vogelkop: Sorong; sailing along the N. coast; Batoe Lobang (Kalédoko, Apr. 12); P. Hum (13); Doré-Hum Bay (14); Mios Soe (Amsterdam and Middelburg) (15); Kleine (small) Geelvink Bay; Doré Bay (20); Wendèsi (22); P. Soepiori (Korido, 23); Biak (24); Mapia Isls (26); Sorong (29); SW. coast of Salawati; Ternate.9



Hort. Bog.: collection of living orchids from New Guinea (possibly some from the Moluccas) (pres. 1900 to J.J. Smith when he travelled in the Moluccas);10 material of some of them preserved in Herb. Bog. [BO]; cf. also sub Anonymous, New Guinea.



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biographical data:

Backer, Verkl. Woordenb., 1936.