Collecting localities



Horst, (Willem) Adolf


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1881, Benkoelen, Sumatra



Son of the former, educated at Wageningen Agricultural College (final examination in 1903); in Dec. 1915 appointed teacher at the School of Agriculture at Buitenzorg, Java; in June 1920 temporary official for the culture of fibre plants; since 1921 Consulting Agriculturist, first in Java and towards the end of 1927 transferred to Banka; he retired in 1932.


Collecting localities:

1918. Sumatra West Coast: Harau Kloof near Pajakombo. E. Java: G. Ardjoeno (July).-1919. W. Java: G. Tangkoeban Prahoe-1920. W. Java: G. Tangkoeban Prahoe (Jan. 2); Indramajoe (Apr. 7).-1921. Lesser Sunda Islands, Flores (Sept.-Dec.): Gelimoetoe (Sept. 28), Maoemere, Reo, Badjawa (Nov. 9), Roeteng (Nov. 29), etc.-1927-29. Banka: Pangkalpinang.



Herb. Bog. [BO]: c. 100 nos.

Material from Sumatra was presented through the intermediary of Jacobson to Hort. Bog.; the Indramajoe plants were collected on behalf of C.A. Backer.