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Kalkman, Cornelis


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 5: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement I)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1928, Delft, Holland.



Botanist, educated at Leiden University, since Feb. 1956 attached to the Forestry Department (Afdeling Boswezen) at Hollandia, West New Guinea, in 1958 transferred to Manokwari. He left New Guinea in Sept. 1959, and was appointed staff member of the Rijksherbarium, Leiden; Ph.D. Leiden (1965); since September 1972 Director, and Professor at Leiden University.

Dimorphanthera kalkmanii Sleumer was named after him.


Collecting localities:

North New Guinea. 1956. Vicinity of Hollandia (March 4); SW. side of the Cyclops Mts between Ebeli and Depapre (11); mouth of the Tami River (14-24, 64 nos); Nemo near the Mosso River (March 27-Apr. 1; 40 nos); vicinity of Hollandia and Cyclops Mts (Apr. 17, May 1, 14, 29, June 3 and 5); vicinity of Manokwari (June 11-16; 38 nos); Meos (or Mios) Waar (19-27; 44 nos); from July-Dec. numerous times near Hollandia, also near Lake Sentani; Waisiniwai (Demta Distr.) (Dec. 7-13; 40 nos). -1957. Numerous times in the vicinity of Hollandia; surroundings of Manokwari (Vogelkop), and in the Bostuin (forest garden) (May 25-29); South New Guinea: along the Maro River between Merauke and Tajam; near Merauke between Moppa and Nassim; N. New Guinea: S and W of Lake Sentani, from Seloki via Soeadjaf and Janim besar to Borowai (Aug. 6-14; 62 nos); W. New Guinea: Kelobo I., Strait Sele and Rufei, Sorong (Nov.); S. New Guinea: Merauke, Lampu Satu (Dec.).-1958. W. New Guinea: surroundings of Manokwari: near Teminabuan (Beriat), Wersar (Apr. 18-May 5); P. Adi (May 31-June 1); Fak-Fak (June 21-24); Kebar Valley.-1959. S. New Guinea: Muju region (Jibi, Opka, Biakatem, Awemko, Umkubun Iwurmot) (Mar. 8-31; numbered in the BW series). Centr. New Guinea: Star Mountains Expedition (leader: L.D. Brongersma, see there) (Apr. 16-Aug. 30)1: Sibil Valley, Orion Mts (Ok Tenma, Tenmasigin, Along), Junction of Bon and Minam R., Mt Antares-1966. Centr. New Guinea: Expedition to Doma Peaks and Hindenburg Range2, with Vink, Gillison, and Frodin: South. Highlands Distr., Tari Subdistr. (Tigibi, Ibiwara, Mt Kerewa, Mt Ne, Mt Ambua, Lei R.) (June 5-Aug. 30); W. Sepik Distr., Telefomin Subdistr., Hindenburg Range (Mt Amdutakin, and between Feramin and Telefomin) (Sept. 11-18).



Herb. Manokwari [MAN] and Leiden [L], numbered in the B.W. series (cf. sub Boswezen Nieuw Guinea), nos B.W. 3364-3800, 6201-->, in 1957 about 450 nos in total.

BW nos 6201-6500, 8501-8550; Star Mts Exp., own numbers 4001-4560 (partly with Tissing, Nicolas, van Zanten, de Wilde), Exp. Doma Peaks etc. private nos 4601-5324. In total about 2060 nos. Private numbers: 1st set in Leiden [L], 2nd at Lae [LAE], 3rd Canberra [CANB], etc.



(1) Cf. reports in Tijd. K.N.A.G. 76, 1959, p. 98-103 w. map, 211-213, 323-326; C. Kalkman: ‘Description of vegetation types in the Star Mts Region, West New Guinea’ (Nova Guinea, Bot. no 15, 1963, p. 247-261).

(2) C. Kalkman & W. Vink: ‘Botanical Exploration of the Doma Peaks and adjacent mountains in the Southern Highlands District, Terr. of Papua, Austr. New Guinea’ (Report for 1966, Neth. Found. Advanc. Trop. Res. WOTRO, p. 50-52, 2 photogr.); ‘Botanical Exploration in the Doma Peaks, New Guinea’ (Blumea 18, 1970, p. 87-135, fig. 1 (map)-5, photogr. 1-25).


biographical data:

Curr. Vitae in Thesis Leiden 1965.


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