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Vink, Willem ("Wim")


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1931, Schiedam, Netherlands.



Botanist, educated at Leiden University (Ph.D. 1970); after military service Forest Botanist at Manokwari, West New Guinea, 1959-62; mid-1962 appointed on the staff of the Rijksherbarium, Leiden.

Zanthoxylum vinkii Hartl. and Rhododendron vinkii Sleumer have been named after him.


Collecting localities:









1959. Biak I. with C. Versteegh (Feb. 18-25); W. New Guinea: Sarmi hinterland (Kwansem, Bodem, Sidoearsi Mts, Oereb R., Bier R., Kondirdjan, mouth Tor R.) (May 12-June 14).-1960. With F.A.W. Schram (see there) to the Wissel Lakes (Enarotali, Komopa, Borobaida, Motito, Moenajepa, Mt Monoglito, Doglia, Kebo, Mt Pekeglbaro, Kebo, Enarotali) (May 11-30). Terr. of Papua & New Guinea: some collections with J.S. Womersley and Mrs A.N. Millar in NGF series (June 16-July 15), from Lae, Bulolo, Wau, Edie Creek, Bulolo, Pt Moresby, Rouna Falls, Idless Bay, Brown R., via Popondetta and Embč near Lae, Rabaul, Keravat, Rabaul, via Kavieng and Wewak to Madang (Gogol Valley, Mt Hagen, Wabag, Kempiam, Chimbu, Goroka, Lae). Japen I. (Seroei, Randawaja, Soemberbaba, Aisao, Soemberbaba, Seroei) (Sept. 20-Oct. 10).1-1961. W. New Guinea: Kebar Valley (Andai, Asiti, Abi R., Apriri R.) (Feb. 12-24); Sidei (June 5-10); Arfak Mts, Mt Beribai2 (Maroeni bivouac, Lake Njaboeti, bivouac 1075 m, crest Mt Beribai (up to 2100 m) (June 19-24); Biak I. (Mokmer, Oregon trail, Parjeri, Saribi, Mokmer, Korim-road, Sjabes) (June 28-July 6); Mapia Is. (Pegun, Bras) (July 7-8).-1962. W. New Guinea: Arfak Mts,2 Anggi Lakes, together with H.O. Sleumer (Jan. 8-29); Fakfak area (P. Pandiang, Fakfak R., Kowap, Hambar) (Feb. 21-27); Lake Ajamaroe (Ajamaroe, Tanah Merah, Segior, Seta, Tubun, partly together with Mrs Vink).-1959-62. In the surroundings of Manokwari.-1963. Centr. New Guinea. Kubor Range Expedition3 with R. Pullen, Western Highlands District (Minj, Kamang, Uinba, Nona-Minj Divide, Mt Kinkain, Mt Aas, Mt Kantz, Mt Milyin Kolyin up to 4040 m alt.) (June 17-Sept. 16).-1966. E. New Guinea: Tari Subdistrict Expedition with C. Kalkman (see there), A.N. Gillison, and D.G. Frodin, mountains in the Southern Highlands District; and in Telefomin: Subdistrict on Mt Amdutakin, Hindenburg Range (Sept. 9-18)4-1968. W. New Guinea: Warsamson Valley, E of Sorong (May-June).



BW nos in Herb. Manokwari [MAN], dupl. in Leiden [L], Lae [LAE], Brisb. [BRI], Canb. [CANB], Bog. [BO]; all from W. New Guinea and nearby islands, c. 1300 nos.

From the Arfak Mts (1962) c. 300 with expedition numbers Sleumer & Vink; others with BW nos. Plants from the Terr. of Papua & New Guinea 1960 in NGF series, at Lae [LAE] and elsewhere; from 1963 and 1966 numbered Vink 16001-16583, and 16801-17642 respectively. 1st set in Leiden [L], 2nd Lae [LAE], 3rd Canb. [CANB].



(1) W. Vink: ‘Verslag van een tournee van de sect. Bosbotanie naar Oost. Japen (Aisau)’. Report 1960.

(2) W. Vink: ‘Botanical Exploration of the Arfak Mountains’ (Nova Guinea, Bot. 22, 1965, p. 471-494, fig. 1-6, pl. 42-46).

(3) W.B. Hitchkock: ‘An Introduction to the Natural History of a New Guinea Highland Community’ (Emu 63, 1964, p. 351-372, map).

(4) C. Kalkman & W. Vink: ‘Botanical Exploration of the Doma Peaks and adjacent mountains in the Southern Highlands District, Territory of Papua, Australian New Guinea’ (Report for 1966, Neth. Found. Advanc. Trop. Res. WOTRO, p. 50-52, 2 photogr.); ‘Botanical Exploration in the Doma Peaks, New Guinea’ (Blumea 18, 1970, p. 87-135, fig. 1(map)-5, photogr. 1-25).


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