Collecting localities




Kartawinata, E. Kuswata


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1936, Java, Indonesia



B.Sc. of the Tjiawi Academy of Biology (1959); since then Assistant Botanist of the Herbarium Bogoriense. He left for the University of Hawaii in February 1965 to major in ecology, taking his Ph.D. In 1973 temporarily working for BIOTROP at Bogor.


Collecting localities:

1958. Bali and Java (see sub Soepadmo).-1959. W. Ceram: village Gemba, Kairatu (June 1-21); Waiselang, Kairatu (22-26); Amboina: Mt Salahutu (July 5-20), and elsewhere (July 22-Oct. 8); W. Java: Bogor and Tjibodas.-1960. Together with Kostermans at Udjungkulon (Aug. 13-21, Oct. 13-14).1-1961. W. Sumbawa: Batulante (May 1-4), Olat Sekampil (13), Semongkat Atas (13-14), Batugong, W of Sumbawa Besar (23); W. Java: Udjungkulon (June 15-17).



Partly made together with Soepadmo (see there), and nos 1-242 (W. Ceram), 243-305 (Ambon), 85-290 (W. Sumbawa), etc.; in Herb. Bog. [BO].



(1) E. Kuswata Kartawinata: ‘Notes on the Vegetation of Peutjang Island (SW. Java) (Symp. Ecol. Res. Humid Trop. Veget. Kuching 1963; UNESCO Sc. Coop. Off. SE. Asia 1965, p. 26-30).