Collecting localities




Soepadmo, Prof.dr. Engkik


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1936, Java, Indonesia



Educated at the Tjiawi Academy of Biology (B.Sc. 1959), and since then Assistant Botanist of the Herbarium Bogoriense. He followed a field training course in Sarawak under Dr Anderson.

For some years, till 1966, working under supervision of Prof. E.J.H. Corner at Cambridge on a revision of the genus Quercus for a Ph.D. In 1966-68 he was at Leiden to work on the Fagaceae, resulting in a revision for Flora Malesiana.

In 1968 appointed Lecturer in tropical plant taxonomy at the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur.

He published a monograph of the genus Neesia, and is now working on Ulmaceae.


Collecting localities:

1958. Bali (June 10-July 14);1 W. and Centr. Java (Oct. 29-Nov. 1: Pangandaran, Nusa Kambangan, Tjikatok, Pendjalu; W. Java (Nov. 8-15); Peutjang I., Udjong Kulon-1959. W. Ceram (June 1-26); Ambon (July 5-Oct. 8); W. Java: Bogor Bot. Gard.; Tjibodas (Dec. 23).-1960. Sumatra East Coast: Pakanbaru, Tenajan R. (Aug. 10-27).-1961. Sumatra East Coast: Sibolangit (Apr. 11-19); Centr. Sumatra: Pakanbaru (Aug.-Sept.); Singapore I.: Bt Timah (Nov. 5-6); Peutjang I. (Dec. 16-28).-1969. In Borneo with G. Smith. 1970. Malaya. G. Tahan expedition (aug. 26-Sep. 8)2 from Kuala Tahan; summit Sept. 5. - He will occasionally continue collecting in Malaya.



Herb. Bog. [BO]: plants from Bali (together with Soegeng, Kartawinata, and Kostermans, nos 1-346), Java (with ditto, nos 347-423), Ceram and Ambon (see Kartawinata), Java 1959 (nos 1-11), Sumatra (nos 12-252, 254-261), Singapore (nos 262-267), Peutjang I. 1961 (nos 268-331). Malayan plants presumably in Herb. Univ. Malaya [KLU], Kuala Lumpur.

All dupl. from Sumatra 1960 to Copenhagen [C] where they forwarded the funds for this trip. One set will go to Leiden; also dupl. in Herb. Edinb. [E]



(1) Cf. Penggemar Alam 40, 1961, p. 25-43.

(2) E. Soepadmo: ‘Plants and Vegetation along the path, from Kuala Tahan to Gunong Tahan’ (Mal. Nat. J. 24, 1971, p. 118-124, pl. 33a-40b).