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Kuhl, Heinrich


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1796, Hanau on the Main, Germany. Died: Sept. 16, 1821, Buitenzorg, Java.



A pupil of Prof. van Swinderen at Groningen University, was appointed member of the ‘Natuurkundige Commissie’ (Commission for Natural Sciences) for the D.E.I. in 1820, together with his friend J.C. van Hasselt. In the same year they departed to Buitenzorg, where Kuhl died within 9 months after his arrival. Both of them are buried in the cemetery of the Botanic Gardens, Buitenzorg.

He is commemorated in the genera Kuhlia Reinw. and Kuhlhasseltia J.J.Sm., and in many plant species.


Collecting localities:

On the voyage to the East he visited Madeira,1 the Cape of Good Hope and the Cocos Islands. Together with J.C. van Hasselt he explored W. Java, principally Bantam: G. Karang and G. Poelasari (Dec. 1820); Pangang donggang (Jan.); environs of Buitenzorg, G. Salak and probably Koeripan (lime-depositing wells between kp. Rompin and Waroe); G. Gedeh-Pangrango (July-Aug. 1821; July 20 at the base of the Pangrango).2



Herb. Leiden [L]: large collection (incl. Madeira plants); only very few duplicates in Herb. Bog. [BO] (one number inserted in the H.B. series).

For papers relating to his collections see J.C. van Hasselt sub Liter. note 3.

Mohria caffrorum, and other ferns, probably collected by him and van Hasselt near the Cape, were described by Blume among species from Java. Mettenius was already acquainted with that mistake.3



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biographical data:

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