Maeso, José Peréz


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)



Is mentioned by A. Marche (see there), to have accompanied him on a trip along the E. coast of Palawan etc. in Nov. 1883, and to have made large botanical collections.

He is the author of a paper on the vegetation of the Philippines.1

Agrostistachys maesoana Vidal was named after him.



Though Maeso plants are never cited, Vidal, when dedicating the above-mentioned plant, says: ‘Dedico esta especie al Auxillár botánico D. Jose Perez Maeso quien hallo los primeras ejemplares’. He cites under his number 897 a collection from Paragua = Palawan. Thus Dr Merrill supposes that the Maeso collections were distributed under Vidal labels, like so many others (for the present location see sub Vidal).



(1) J.P. Maeso: ‘Aspecto de la vegetation filipina’ (Anal. Real Soc. Espan. Hist. Nat. 16, 1887, p. 443-464).