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Martens, (Carl) Eduard von


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1831, Stuttgart, Germany. Died: 1904, Berlin, Germany.



Physician-zoologist, authority on conchology, educated in the universities of Tübingen, Stuttgart and Munich (Ph. Dr Tübingen 1855); in the latter year Assistant at the Berlin Zoological Museum, of which Custodian in 1859; in 1872 Dr Ph. Hon. causa at Rostock University; in 1873 University Lecturer at Berlin, in 1874 Extraordinary Professor; from 1883-87 temporary Director of the Zoological Museum.

In 1860 he undertook the zoology department of a Prussian expedition to E. Asia (see below). In March 1862, when the expedition returned to Europe, von Martens stayed behind and travelled for another 15 months in the Malay Archipelago.

Author of the zoological results of the expedition.1


Collecting localities:

‘Preussische Expedition nach Ost-Asien’, 1859-62, in the ‘Thetis’.1 Visiting Java, Singapore, the Philippines, Celebes, and Banka (for detailed itiner. cf. sub Wichura; v. M. embarked on Febr. 20, 1860).-Subsequent tour in the Malay Archipelago, 1862-63.2 Sailing from Singapore (March 15, 1862); Banka (17-25); S. Sumatra (March 26-June 30): from Palembang to Benkoelen, at Lahat (G. Serillo), Moeara Enim, Kepahiang and a visit to P. Tikoes (off the coast of Benkoelen); SW. Celebes: Makassar (July 20-22); N. Celebes (July 25-27); Manado, Tondano and , Kema; Moluccas: from July 28-Sept. 28 visiting Ternate, Batjan, Halmahera (Dodinga); Oct. 1-Dec. 1 visiting Ambon, Boeroe and Ceram (Wahai); sailing from Ambon (Dec. 2), for a visit to Banda and the Lesser Sunda Islands:3 Banda Islands (Neira, 3-4); Port. Timor, Dilly (7, making a trip); Timor, Koepang (Dec. 9-Jan. 5, 1863), making tours in the environs, and visiting Atapupu and hinterland (20-22); via Solor (Lamakwera, Jan. 10) sailing for Flores (Larantuka, 10-26), making excursions in the environs and visiting the opposite coast of Adenare (= Adonara, landing at Wuri, staying 15-17), to the slope of the Illimandiri (20), etc.; on the way back touching at Adonara (Lamahalla, 27); Timor, Koepang (31-Febr. 9), making trip to Babauw (Febr. 1) and Okabiti (2) and back; sailing from Koepang (10) to SW. Celebes: Makassar (14); E. Java: Soerabaja (19); W. Java: Batavia (March 5); W. Borneo (March 13-June 13): Singkawang, Sambas River, Benkayang, Loemar, Mand(h)or, Sepang, Panglibang near Montrado; Pontianak (Apr. 29),4 next day going upstream the Kapoeas; Sintang (May 3-10), and proceeding to Selimbouw etc.; Danau Sriang, P. Matjan (= P. M adjang, cf. sub Teysmann) (May 18-28), the 24th making a trip to the N. side of the lake to G. Lempai in the Batang Lupar Mts; downstream to Silat, and proceeding to Sintang (arriving 31).-Finally he visited Ceylon and sailed from Aden (July 27) for Europe.



Herb. Berl. [B]: 125 nos of phanerogams of the ‘Preussische Expedition’, and a large collection of cryptogams; 16 portfolios of phanerogams and ferns (pres. 1904); dupl. in Herb. Leiden [L]. The bulk of the collection consists of Algae5 and Filices;6 possibly the phanerogams were collected during the subsequent tour only. Duplicate Algae trop. Asia in Herb. Kiel [KIEL], Hamburg [HBG], and Leiden [L].



(1) ‘Die Preussische Expedition nach Ost-Asien’ (Berlin 1864-73, 7 vols + atlas; containing 4 vols Itinerary, 2 vols Zoology and 1 vol. Botany (see sub 5).

J. Kreyher: ‘Die Preussische Expedition nach Ostasien in den Jahren 1859-1862. Reisebilder aus Japan, China and Siam’ (Hamburg 1862).

(2) The cited data were extracted from the zoological volumes of above-mentioned work; probably the last mentioned date of every stay must be taken as the day of departure!

(3) E. v. Martens: ‘Banda, Timor and Flores. Tagebuchnotizen’ (Zeitschr. Ges. Erdk. Berl. 1889, p. 83 seq.).

(4) E. v. Martens: ‘Im Binnenlande von Borneo’ (Zeitschr. Ges. Erdk. Berl. 8, 1873, p. 193-210).

(5) E. von Martens: ‘Die Preuss. Exp. n. Ost-Asien. Die Tange’ (Berlin 1866, p. 1-152, pl. 1-8; this vol., dealing mainly with Algae, is the only botanical part published). It includes an Appendix, an enumeration of other water plants collected by E. von Martens.

(6) Ferns by M. Kuhn in Miquel, Ann. Mus. Bot. Lugd. Bat. 4, 1868/69, p. 276 seq.


biographical data:

Pritzel, Thes. Lit. Bot., 1872; Arch. f. Naturgesch. 67, 1901; Beih. p. vi-viii, incl. portr. and bibliogr. (Festschrift for his 70th birthday); Nachr.-Bl. deutsch. malako-zool. Ges. 37, p. 6-10 (transl. in Journ. Conchol. 11, p. 171-173 + portr.).