Collecting localities



Moll, Victor Wilhelm


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1930, Salatiga, Java, Indonesia.



Was educated at the Forestry School at Buitenzorg. From 1953-58 Assistant on a rubber plantation in Sumatra (East Coast). In the latter year he went to Holland, and from May 1959-1963 ‘Bosarchitect’ in the Forestry Service in Dutch New Guinea.


Collecting localities:

W. New Guinea. 1959. Biak I. (Siabes), Kebar Valley (Andai) (Sept. 4-11), Biak I. (Mansforbo, Son, Parieri, Soendei) (Nov. 6-Dec. 1).-1960. Oransbari (Feb. 10); Oemboei, near Andai, Manokwari (May 11-19); with W. Vink (see there) to the Terr. of Papua & New Guinea (June-July); Oransbari (Nov. 18).-1961. P. Adi (Feb. 24-Apr. 9); Warsamson Valley, E of Sorong (July 16-Aug. 24); Kebar Valley (Aifat R.) (Nov. 21-Dec. 11).-1962. Babo Distr., Sjuga-Wagura area (Armina, Kwafa) (Apr. 19-May 20); Supiori I.-From 1959-63 in the surroundings of Manokwari.



Herb. Manokwari [MAN]: about 1100 nos; dupl. at Leiden [L]; numbered in the BW series.