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Müller, George


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 5: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement I)


Born: 1790, Mainz, Germany.

Died: about Jan. 1826, was murdered by Bornean natives near the Upper Kapoeas, Borneo.



Ex-engineer in the army of Napoleon, who came to the D.E.I. towards the end of 1816, to enter the military force as captain of the infantry, probably not arriving in Java before mid-1817. In September 1818 he accompanied a military expedition to Sambas in W. Borneo, where he was appointed Acting Resident in 1818. In 1819 or 1820 appointed Inspector of the nutmeg and close plantations in Banda, not reachin- island before the end of 1820 or early in 1831, owing to a lot of trouble, and even then at his own expense! In 1822 he sailed for West Borneo, as Inspector of the Interior, to make natural history and topographical investigations.1


Collecting localities:

W. Borneo. 1822. To Pontianak (Nov. 8) and by sea to the Bay of Succadana (= Soekadana); Simpang (16) and going up the river to the village of that name: setting out (26) to Matan: Katapan or Matan River (29); Bengadong; at the mouth again (Dec. 4); Bay of Datoe (Dec. 10--15); Bay of Soekadana, Simpang; leaving the mouth of the Simpang (24) and following the Mendauw (= ? S. Mendawak), taking a short cut to Pontianak (Dec. 30).2-1823. Going up part of the Sambas River (end of June) and back to Panakat (= Pamangkat); by sea to the North, Paloh, Likoe, Tg Api (July 7), Tg Datoe(k), mouth of the Redjang River, (touching at Tg Datoek again on the home voyage between Aug. 10 and 12);3 Sambas (till the end of Nov.); surveying the mouth of the Sg. Sambas and the adjacent coasts (till Dec. 14); Pontianak (Dec. 27, 1823-c. Jan. 25, 1824).4-1824. Leaving Pontianak (c. Jan. 25), ascending the Kapoeas; Succalanding (= Soekalanting) (27-28); P. (D)Jamboe (31); surveying some small lakes; kp. Tajan (Febr. 4-6); surveying some lakes again; Meliau (8); Sanggouw (= Sanggau) (12); Sekadou(w) (21); Sintang (March 6); Si(l)lat (18); Tauang or Swait (= Soehaid); ascending the Sg. Tauang (= Sg. Tawang) and surveying several lakes, including Danau Sintarrong (= Sentaroem ? ); Salimbouw (= Selimbau) (Apr. 3-4); D(j)onkong (6); Boen(n)oet (8); mouth of the S. Sibau (13), returning to Pontianak on account of difficulties risen, after having performed several soundings on the way thither; Meliau (July 15) and after that staying at Pontianak (till mid-Aug.).5 In the same year he returned to Java (Batavia), where he was unable to work out his notes on account of illness. -E. Borneo. 1825. Sailing from Soerabaja (May); touching at several places and surveying the coast of E. Borneo; Kottee (= Koetei) was reached not before 4 months later; navigating the Kottee River (= Mahakam) for about 2 months, to Kajong or Ledjoe and proceeding by land to the Kapoeas River (the journey covering a good month); downstream the Kapoeas by proa, where M. was probably murdered in Jan. 1826 (testimony of a Javanese).6



On behalf of Blume, probably in Herb. Leiden [L]. Plants of his were described by both Blume and Miquel.7



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biographical data:

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