Nagel, Gerard Hendrik


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1795, Deventer, O., Holland.



Departmental clerk of the Civil Medical Service in the Dutch East Indies; on European leave from 1826-28, and subsequently dismissed; entered D.E.I. Government service once more in 1837, and was granted an aid in 1848.

From 1824-25 he resided at Buitenzorg and made some tours of inspection in company with Blume (itiner. etc. see there), who worked in the same department.

Author of some booklets on Java.1



M. Kuhn described a fern collected by a certain Nagel, on the limestone hills at Koeripan in W. Java, no 435; in April 1824 that locality was visited by G.H. Nagel in company with Blume. As all plants collected by Nagel are cited in literature without mentioning his initials, we assume that no initials are on the labels either. In that case it will be difficult to settle which Nagel is the real collector. Maybe G.H. Nagel is not in his place in this list at all; the possibility that he, and not C.W.A. Nagel, is the collector of the collection Nagel at Berlin, seems rather small.

C.W.A. Nagel (see sub Nagel) is supposed to have collected in Priangan Regency only and the cited locality being outside it, G.H. Nagel might be the actual collector, though the high number is somewhat suspicious for someone of whom no other collections are known.



(1) G.H. NAGEL: ‘Schetsen uit mijne Javaansche portefeuille’ (Amsterdam 1828); ‘Javaansche tafereelen’ (Amsterdam 1829).