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(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1873.



‘Mantri’ of the Botanic Gardens, Buitenzorg, who attended L. van Vuuren (see there) in the first year of the latter’s Celebes explorations. In 1920 he was awarded the Silver Star for loyalty and merit, at that time being in the employ of the Gardens for 32 years; retired in 1931.


Collecting localities:

1910. W. Java: Tjibodas.-1912. SW. Celebes: vicinity of Makassar (Febr. 24-March 12); Pampanoea and vicinity (March 21-Apr. 2); Wattan Sopeng to Walamping (Apr. 3); hot spring (6); Sengkang (Lake Tempé) (Apr. 7); Paria (l3); Gilirang (13); to Doping (15); Kampiri (24), G. Mampoe and G. Sailon (25), kp. Palisoe (26), Singkang (May 2), G. Mampoe (3), Lantjah (4), Badja (6), Watampone (9), Mara (13), Bontorihoe (15), Tjani (19), Lapankanrae (20), Sanrego (21), Pa timping (22), Palima (28), Alakang (June 6), Sapa Galoeng near Pare Pare (8), Djompi Pare Pare (10), Lakasi (10), Pare Pare (14), Penrang (14), Rappang (17), Rappang to Enrekang (19), Enrekang (20), Biladjing (23), Lake Tempé (July 1-6), Pangali (29), Roesoeng (29), Salabosi (29); W. Centr. Celebes: Madjene and vicinity (28-29), Tapalang and Mamoedjoe (Aug. 4); SW. Celebes: Masawa (Polewali) (15).-In the same year he collected on G. Salak in W. Java.



Herb. Bog. [BO]: 510 nos of Celebes plants van Vuuren Exp.; some plants from G. Salak; Celebes dupl. in Herb. Leiden [L].

Hort. Bog.: living plants and seeds from Celebes,1 also from Tjibodas (W. Java).



(1) cf. List in Versl. Pl. Tuin Buitenzorg for 1912, p. 19-21.


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