Collecting localities



Pierre, Louis


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1833, Champ-Borne, Reunion. Died: 1905, Paris.



Son of a sugar planter, studied medicine in Paris and Strasburg, but did not finish his studies due to family circumstances. In 1861 he went to India as the collaborator of Thomas Anderson in the Calcutta Botanic Garden. In four years time he developed himself in a way that the English were eager to keep him in India, but he preferred to be in a French colony, and was from 1865-1877 in charge of the Jardin botanique at Saigon. In those years he organized numerous expeditions in the interior of Cochinchina, Cambodia, and Siam [= Thailand], bringing together the materials for the ‘Flore forestière de la Cochinchine’ and the later ‘Flore de l’Indo-Chine’.

After a study tour in Java and India in connection with Cinchona culture, he returned to Paris to work on his tree flora and on several plant families.

Hopea pierrei and several other plants have been named after him.


Collecting localities:

1877. W. Java: probably at Batavia, Bogor, Tjibodas, G. Gedeh-Pangrango, and eventually in the Preanger Regencies (Mts Malabar, Papandajan, etc.).



Herb. Paris [P], small collection.