Collecting localities




Ridsdale, Colin Ernest


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1944, Bristol, England



Graduated B.Sc. (Hons) at Bristol University in 1966. He arrived at Lae, T.N.G. , Oct. 1966, on a contract. After his return, end 1968, performing post graduate research on Uncaria (Rubiaceae).1 Ph. D. Bristol (1972).


Collecting localities:




Terr. of New Guinea. Around Lae (Oct. 1966-Sept. 1968). 1966. Edie Creek, Wau (Nov.); near Cape Gloucester, ethnobotanic collections assisting Prof. Darke; W. New Britain: Salasea (Dec.).-1967. Bougainville (Solomon Is) (Jan.-Feb.):2 Parairi village Kieta and Lake Lotura area; Mt Wilhelm (Feb.); Morobe Distr., Kui (Mar.); Ioma near Popendetta (May). Attached to New Guinea/ West Irian Border Survey Party with Assistant Galore (June-Sept.)3 (see also sub Soegeng), collecting in the foothills of the Star Mts (c. 4000 ft, ± a fortnight), Ingembit (c. 300 ft, 3 weeks), brief stay at Kiunga, and Angamaruk on the Fly River (Papua), savannah at Weam on the Bensbach R. (Irian) about 3 weeks.-1968. Madang area, Kar Kar I. (Jan.). Open Bay New Britain Forest Survey with P. Katik,4 and a small collection from Lacket, c. 2300 ft, on limestone. Murray Pass, Mt Albert Edward with Paddy Woods (see there) (Aug.).



Herb. Lae [LAE]  in NGF series, about 2700 nos; Murray Pass collections (1968) in Herb. Edinb [E]. Number series and localities at Lae [LAE].



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(2) Internal report at Lae.

(3) C.E. RIDSDALE: ‘Botanical Results of the New Guinea Border demarcation expedition, 1967’ (Papua & New Guinea Se. Soc. Trans. 9, 1968, 22 pp., 6 fig.).

(4) Internal report at Lae.