Collecting localities



Woods, Patrick ('Paddy') James Blythe


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement III)


Born: 1932, Ballinderry, Co. Antrim, N. Ireland.



Attended a course for student gardeners at the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh (1953-56) and was awarded the Diploma in Horticulture (DHE); joined the staff as a Scientific Assistant to B.L. Burtt; at present Experimental Officer, currently working with the latter on Old World Gesneriaceae particularly on the genus Aeschynanthus, and on New Guinea Orchidaceae. In 1962 lie accompanied Burtt to Malaya and Sarawak. His New Guinea trip was financed by Mr Geoffrey Elworthy, an Australian, who wishes to encourage taxonomic work on Orchidaceae.


Collecting localities:

1962. Malaya and Sarawak, see Burttís itinerary. Terr. of New Guinea & Papua: between Bulolo and Edie Creek (Oct. 3-13); Loloke (= Laloki) Gorge (17); Cape Rodney to Doma Village in the Musa Mts, Centr. Owen Stanley Range (20-24); Doma Village area and surrounding mist-forest ridges (26-Nov. 25).-1968. Trip to New Guinea with Mr Michael Black and C.E. Ridsdale (see there), also collecting in Java and Malay Peninsula.



Herb. Edinb. [E]: mostly Gesneriaceae and Orchidaceae. A 300 numbers living material were collected. Dupl. herb. Spec. will be distributed to Lae [LAE], Leiden [L], etc.