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Rietz, Gustaf Einar du


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1895, Bromma, Sweden.



Plant geographer and sociologist, in 1921 appointed University Lecturer at Uppsala, taking his Ph.Dr’s degree in 1922; from 1924-26 Custodian of the Botanical Museum and since 1931 Professor of Botany in the same place. Outside Europe he travelled in the U.S.A., Java, Australia, New Zealand and the subantarctic islands of that region.

Author of many important papers,1 also dealing with lichens.


Collecting localities:

1927. E. Java. Arrival from W. Australia at Soerabaja (Sept. 27); staying at Pasoeroean (until Oct. 11), making some trips: with C.A. Backer through the mangrove at Pasoeroean (Sept. 27); with Backer & G. Booberg to Lawang, Singosari, Malang, Blambangan, Batoe and Songoriti (29); with Backer & H. van Leer to G. Ardjoeno-Welirang (Oct. 2-5, climbing the summit of Welirang on the 4th);2 with Backer and O. Arrhenius to Assembagoes; leaving by train for Djokja, Bandoeng and Buitenzorg (W. Java) (Oct. 11); staying a few days at Buitenzorg before leaving Java for Singapore and Europe.



Plants from E. Java at present in Inst. of Plant Ecology of Uppsala Univers.; later the 1st set will be sent to State Mus. Stockholm [S], and other sets to Bot. Gard. Göteborg [GB], and Bot. Mus. Uppsala [UPS]. In Herb. Pasoeroean [PAS now in BO]: 5 nos collected together with C.A. Backer.

The collection contains many lichens and bryophytes, but phanerogams too. The latter were identified by C.A. Backer.



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(2) G.E. du Rietz: ‘Vulkanvegetation på östra Java’ (Naturens Liv 1931, p. 719-730, 15 fig.).


biographical data:

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