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Slooten, Dirk Fok van


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 5: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement I)


Born: 1891, Amersfoort, U., Holland. Died: 1953, Amsterdam, Holland.



Botanist, educated at Utrecht University where he took his Ph.Drís degree in 1919. In the same year he was appointed Assistant of the Buitenzorg Herbarium, of which institution he became Acting Chief in 1929 and Chief in 1931; in 1947 still in the same position; since end 1948 Acting Director of the Buitenzorg Botanic Gardens. He retired in 1951, settling in Amsterdam.

He is the monographer of some Malayan plant families, and together with C.A. Backer the author of a handbook on weeds occurring in tea-plantations in Java.1

Symplocos slooteni Steenis MS. was named after him.


Collecting localities:

1919-41. Between these years many nos from the environs of Buitenzorg.-1919. W. Java: Tjibodas, and G. Gedeh-Pangrango (Oct. 12-19); Wijnkoops Bay (Nov. 22); Tjampea, G. Tjibodas (Dec. 21); Tjinjiroean and environs (25); G. Malabar (26-27); G. Wajang (27); Tjimahi (Dec. 29-early in 1920).-1920. Tjimahi (-Jan. 3); Centr. Java: DiŽng Plateau with Telaga Balekambang and G. Pangonan (Apr. 5-9); W. Java: Sitoe Tjilameh and Tjikaret, N of Buitenzorg (June 13); G. Boerangrang, Poerwakarta, Wanajasa, etc. (July 21-29); Kalappa Noenggal and G. Karang (Dec. 23-27).-1921. G. Tangkoeban Prahoe (Jan. 2); Weltevreden (Jan. 9); Pengalengan (Apr. 15); Buitenzorg, TjiseŽng (Apr. 24); Tjinjiroean (June 6); P. Noordwachter (Bay of Batavia) with Backer (Sept. 8); G. Salak (Oct.); Tjiboengoer (Dec.); Tjinjiroean (Dec. 31). -1922. Telaga Warna (June 8); G. Salak (July 1); Tjiboerial (July 29).- 1923. Cinchona plantation G.K.O. division Tjikapaka (Jan. 3); Tjinjiroean (Dec. 24-29).-1924. Tjiomas (Febr. 17); Tjilintjing near Batavia (Sept. 9); Koeripan (Sept. 28).-1925. G. Pangrango (June 7); Centr. Java: Djokjakarta and environs (Oct. 5).-1926. W. Java: Bandoeng (March 19-21); Javaís Eerste Punt (Sept. 27).-1927. Batavia (Apr. 11).-1928. P. Weh, N of Sumatra: Sabang (May 15); W. Java: Megamendoeng (Sept. 23); Centr. Java: Djokja and environs (Sept. 27); E. Java: Morokrembangan (Sept. 28), Grissee (29), Soerabaja (Sept. 30-Oct. 1); SE. Borneo with Endert (see there): Tanahboemboe, N of Batoelitjin, vicinity of the Sg. Srigadoeng (Oct. 26-Nov. 1), and P. Laoet: NE of Stagen and vicinity of Sg. Paring (Nov. 5-9); E. Java: environs of Pasoeroean and Tretes (Nov. 13); Madoera (Nov. 23).-1929. W. Java: Wijnkoops Bay (July 28); Garoet, G. Goentoer, and Telaga Bodas (Aug. 2-4); Pasir Maoeng (Dec.).-1931. E. Java (end of March-Apr.): near Watoedodol and foot G. Baloeran (with Clason) (March 31), Tosari-G. Tengger, Loemadjang-Pasirian, S. slope G. Smeroe, Ranoe Bedali, Ranoe Klakah, G. Semongkrong, Bay of Popoh, Idjen Plateau, Pradjekan-Pantjoer; Centr. Java: Oengaran (July 18); E. Java: Idjen Plateau (July 20-23).-1932. W. Java: Wijnkoops Bay (March 27); P. Kuiper in the Bay of Batavia (June 5).-1933. Toegoe (May 28); Tjitjadas (July 2); E. Java: G. Lawoe (Nov. 12-15).-1934. Centr. Java: Ketanggoengan West (SE of Losari) (Oct. 12-14).-1936. W. Java: sojourn at Pengalengan (July); excursion to Tegal Harendong (July 10); Ďtegalsí of G. Papandajan (July 27).-1937. Centr. Java: Parangtritis near Djokja (May 14); W. Java: G. Papandajan (July 9).-1938. Singapore: (Apr. 26; collecting 1 no only); W. Java: G. Boerangrang (June 26, July 3); Bantam (Oct. 16, Dec. 24-26).-1940. Bantam (March 22-24).-1941. E. Java: Tawangmangoe (slope G. Lawoe) (May 30-31).



Herb. Bog. [BO]: nos 2-828, 2000-2704; the plants were numbered after study, mainly chronologically, but not always. Of the more important collections the numbers run as follows: Tjibodas & G. Gedeh-Pangrango coll. 1919 nos 2-224, DiŽng Plateau nos 328-429, G. Boerangrang etc. nos 433-522, G. Karang etc. nos 578-606, Borneo and P. Laoet nos 2101-2315, E. Java in Apr. 1931 nos 2335-2489 (no 2460 from Oengaran, Centr. Java). Herb. Leiden [L]: Java dupl. (1920), and from E. Borneo (1928).

Living plants from P. Laoet in Hort. Bog. (1928).



(1) ĎGeÔllustreerd Handboek der Javaansche Theeonkruiden en hunne beteekenis voor de cultuurí (Batavia 1924).


biographical data:

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