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Stresemann, Erwin


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1889, Dresden, Germany



Ornithologist, graduated at Munich in 1920; since 1924 Keeper of the Berlin Zoological Museum, since 1930 with the title of professor; in 1946 Professor at Berlin University. Zoologist of the second ‘Freiburger Molukken Expedition’ under command of K. Deninger in 1910/12.

His collections and papers are mainly zoological.1

J.J. Smith named some plants in his honour (cf. Backer, Verkl. Woordenb., 1936).


Collecting localities:

Zweite Freiburger Molukken Expedition, 1910-12.2 Leaving Germany (summer 1910); Malay Peninsula (Sept. 1910):3 Perak, visiting the main range from Tapah, Batu Puteh Valley (bivouac at 1400 m alt., excursions up to 2000 m) etc.; after an adventurous voyage in a motor launch of the expedition stranded on the N. coast of Bali (Lesser Sunda Isls), in which island an involuntary stay of 3 months (Jan. 11-Apr. 16, 1911),4 making zoological collections in the environs of Buleleng, at Tjelukan Bawang, Gitgit, G. Bratan (Jan. 26, 28), Danau Bratan, Kintamani (twice from Buleleng); in March via the mountains in E. Bali to S. Bali (Rendang, Klungkung, Gjanjar, Den Pasar, Marga) and via Danau Bratan back to Buleleng; Seran (= Ceram);5 landed at Amahei on the S. coast (end of Apr.); Ora Mts (early May); crossing the island in northern direction to Sawai (May), and proceeding to Wahai on the N. coast; from Pasahari following the Isal River to Manusela, making base camp (May-Aug.); Str. forced to stay at home for some weeks (as a consequence of foot wound), but subsequently investigating the mountains, collecting at Hoale Pass, G. Houle, G. Sofia, Kaloa, Wai Isal, N of the Isal Mts, Huaolu, Bessi; setting out with Deninger to G. Pinaia from Kaniki (E. summit on the 15th, W. summit (3050 m) on the 17th); plain in Centr. Ceram, N of the Isal Mts (end of Aug.), Kanike, Rohn, Huaolu; central mountains of W. Ceram (Sept.-Dec.), specially making ethnological and linguistic studies, but collecting also on Hato Saka (1450 m), G. Touwela (1100 m), and at Waraoini (800 m); early in Jan. 1912 to Buru (= Boeroe), landed at Tifu; crossing the island via Wakolosee (Lake Wakolo, staying some days at Nalbesi) to the N. coast near Wae Langa; Bara; following the Wai Sesifu; from Pulu Tenggah (Febr. 21) climbing the Fogha (Kapala Madang, or G. Tomahoe = ? Kaoe Palatmada), reaching the summit (2040 m) on the 26th; failing endeavour to reach the Upper Wai Apu from Oki; from Oki to Fakal and via the Taglamite (mountain) to the S. coast near Leksula; leaving the Moluccas on Apr. 1, 1912.



Herb. Leiden [L]: 470 nos of Musci, Hepaticae, Filices and phanerogams (156), nos upwards of 370 from Boeroe. They were partly elaborated, though not by H. Hallier as was the original intention.6 Hallier sent the ferns for identification to Rosenstock at Gotha. It is possible that he collected only mosses in the Malay Peninsula.3



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biographical data:

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