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Fuchs, Hans Peter


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1928, Basle, Switzerland. Died: June 8, 1999, Trin, Switzerland.



Studied botany and geography at the University of Basle (1948-58), taking his Ph.D. (1958) on the taxonomy of the genus Isoetes. After a year in the National Herbarium of the Smithsonian Institution at Washington, he joined the Bataafsche Internationale Petroleum Maatschappij, The Hague, and was transferred in 1961 to the Kon. Shell Exploratie en Produktie Laboratorium at Rijswijk as Research Palynologist. He participated in the Symposium on Ecological Research in Humid Tropics Vegetation at Kuching, Sarawak, in July 1963,1 and extended his stay to NW. Borneo (see below). Early 1967 he spent 4 months on the Pacific coast of Columbia, S. America. At present living at Trin-Dorf, near Chur, Switzerland.

Rhododendron fuchsii Sleumer, and Pandanus fuchsii H.St.John, etc., are named after him.


Collecting localities:

Malaysia. 1963.1 Sarawak: Mt Santubong (July 7), Semengoh F.R. and limestone hills at Bau (10). Brunei: Seria-Badas peat-swamp forest and Badas F.R. (12). Sabah: Mt Kinabalu, W. route (14-19) at Kambaranga Relay Station and Paka Cave, Mt Kinabalu Low Peak; Penosok Plateau (21-25), partly with H. Sleumer, W. Meijer, and Mrs Collenette, at Mesilau Cave, Tenompok, etc.; Andulau F.R. (31, with J. Muller); Seria to Badas F.R. with D.O.J. Diederix (Aug. 1). Brunei: Lumut Hills (2). Sarawak: Long Palau, B. Tinjar (7); Lobok Pasar, B. Baram (9-10); Marudi F.R. (10); Bt Subis, S. Niah (13); Bt Lambir, Miri (16); Bt Pasu, Tubau Valley (20-21). Sabah: Mt Kinabalu, E. route, partly with Mrs Collenette: Tenompok (27), Kundasan-Mesilau Cave (28), to Janet’s Halt (29), to Sheila’s Plateau (30), Shangri La Valley, N. side of the mountain (31), Goking’s Valley (N. side) (Sept. 1-6), Penosok Plateau (8); Mesilau Cave-Kundasan (8); Sheila’s Plateau to Mesilau Cave (4-7, Mrs Collenette alone, with Fuchs numbers).



Nos 21000-21682; first in Herb. Shell Lab. Rijswijk, now in private herbarium; dupl. distributed through Leiden to Leiden [L], Kew [K], Sarawak [SAR], Arn. Arbor. [A], Generva [G], Canberra [CANB], Bogor [BO], Wash. [US], Copenh. [C], Stockh. [S], Paris [P].



(1) For the field excursions of the UNESCO Symposium, see Kuching Symposium 1963, 1965, p. 274-287 (trips 10-17 July 1963).


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