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Sleumer, Hermann Otto


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1906, Saarbrücken, Germany. Died: 1 Oct. 1993, Oegstgeest, Z.H., Netherlands.



Was educated in pharmacy in Munich, and subsequently studied botany and geology (Ph.D. Freiburg 1932). In 1933 appointed Assistant in the Berlin Museum, and since 1946 Professor of Taxonomical Botany and Plant Geography at Berlin University, giving courses in pharmacognosy also. In 1949 to S. America as Extraordinary Professor at Tucuman (Instituto Miguel Lillo). Since mid-1953 on the Foundation Flora Malesiana staff at Leiden and from July 1956 on the staff of the Rijksherbarium; he retired March 1971. Specialist in Ericaceae.

With Dr P. van Royen he made an expedition to New Guinea in 1961-62.


Collecting localities:




2nd Rijksherbarium New Guinea Expedition, 1961-62.1 Travelling by way of Luzon, collecting (May 6-21) with Mrs M.L. Steiner on Mt Santo Tomas, Mt Data National Park, along the road to Bontoc-Banaue, and on Mt Polis. Dutch New Guinea, with P. van Royen, and J. Dijkstra of the For. Service: Cyclops Range, base camp at Ifar (c. 380m; May 31-Aug. 28), making 5 major trips: to Ormoe with camps at the Faita R. (c. 990 m), below the saddle (c. 1220 m) on the S. slope, and to the highest summits in the central part (Mt Rara, 1700 m; Mt Raveni, c. 1880 m), between June 6 and July 5; in the W. part as a transect from Dozai via Baimungun creek (and Mt Dafonsero, c. 1570 m) to Tablasufa-Cape Tanahmerah, and back to Dozai (July 29-Aug. 8); in the E. part 2 ascents from Kotanica resp. the Kujabu R. on the S. slopes of Mt Makanoi up to 800 m (July 17-23, resp. Aug. 16-19); numerous minor trips from Ifar into the lowlands on the S. side of the Cyclops Range on to Sabron and Depapre, along Lake Sentani, around Ifar, Kemiri, Kotanica, along the Jabau and Kujabu rivers, and near Hollandia (Pinksterbivak, Skyline, Base G), up to Aug. 28. After the departure of Dr van Royen (see there) to Lae in the Territory of New Guinea: with J.S. Womersley collecting in the Bulolo area (Edie Creek, Merri Creek, Mt Kaindi (c. 2200 m) and several miles along the old army road from Edie Creek to Bulldog (Aug. 30-Sept. 3), and around Marafunga (2400-2500 m) near Goroka (Sept. 5-8); alone visiting Kundiawa and the Upper Chimbu R. valley up to Dengalagu (= Toromambuno, 2280 m) Mission Station (9-11), climbing the E. slope of Mt Wilhelm via Pengagl Creek (12), staying near Lake Aunde (c. 3350 m) up to Sept. 16, collecting up to c. 3800 m (mainly Ericaceae); from Sept. 17-22 lower part of the ascent near Keglsugl and along Pengagl Creek up to c. 2800 m. By air returning to Dutch New Guinea: Manokwari (25); base camp at Andjai (from Oct. 6), Kebar Valley, for the 2nd part of the expedition, making minor trips on the Kebar plain and into the lower part of the mountain (Mt Tobi-Nertoi area, Mt Nettoti, up to c. 100 m); via Amboaki R. bivouac to Soeroerem on the Aifat R. (2nd base camp), from where van Royen, and F. Schram (of the For. Service) along the northern foothills of the Tokiri Range, the Aifat R. and the Ischon R., exploring Mt Kusemun (1400 m) in the central part of the W. Tamrau Range, returning to Andjai on Nov. 16; Sleumer collecting on the crest of the E. part of the Tokiri Range (1250 resp. 1400 m), Sept. 30 marching along the Aifat R. westwards to the Waumi R., ridge W of and parallel to the Waumi R., and from a transitory camp at 1420 m to the waterdivide in the E. part of the Tamrau Range (Wamsuf massif) at c. 2100 m (Nov. 2); back at Soeroerem, camping on the N. flank of the E. part of Tokiri Range at 1100m, reaching the summit (c. 1550 m) on Nov. 8; return to Andjai for a short period of rest; camp on the S. shoulder of Mt Nettoti at c. 1750 m (Nov. 27); climbing the crest of the Nettoti Range both to the W and E up to 2100 m, marching over the top (c. 1950 m) (Dec. 3) towards the Wekari R. (c. 1550 m, staying 2 days in the resthouse); finally to Andjai (Dec. 6 and 7); various minor trips from Andjai to the Kebar Plain and adjacent mountains up to 1000 m opposite Andjai; Dec. 21 by plane to Manokwari (staying 21-29), and return of van Royen to the Netherlands; with W. Vink (see there) flown from Ransiki to Lake Angi Gita resthouse ‘Noordpool’ (1840 m) on the Arfak Range (Jan. 8-9 1962), collecting in the marshland, slopes, especially the N. slope of Mt Mesenuk (along the so-called Lulofspad) up to the top (c. 2150 m; 9-11); to Testega on the opposite side of the lake; Mt Mongremotti (2180m) and return to Testega; ascent to the range between Lake Angi Gita and Lake Angi Gigi, called Koëbré (or Kobre-mot, 2300 m) and Tembrok (2400 m) on Jan. 14; 2nd ascent of Mt Koëbré (16), descending to the village Ukdehot-mamot (2100m) and Surerei on Lake Angi Gigi (1920m); from there exploring Mt Sensenemes (18, up to 2600 m), and via the SE. slope up to the summit (20); Mt Gwamongga (21, to the top, 2570 m); via the Sikohirie (2200 m) and the villages Tridaga and Siskado to Iray (22); from there making several trips, e.g. via Tidjei to the NE. part of Koëbré ridge up to 2430 m (24), returning via Disrebei; to Mt Saru-mot (2350 m, 26), Mt Tembrok via Tidjei and Koebre up to 2510m (28); by helicopter from Iray to Manokwari (29); Feb. 7 by helicopter with Zieck (see there) to a camp above the Warjori R., collecting on an almost inaccessible ridge and steep slope; leaving Manokwari (9) and returning via Lae, Australia, Hawaii and the U.S.A., arriving at Amsterdam on March 21.-1963.2 In June some days in the Cameron Highlands (nos 4661-4675), Malaya. N. Borneo: Mt Kinabalu (July 25-28) and the Mesilau R. up to 2250 m (July 19-25), accompanied by Mrs Collenette, Dr H.P. Fuchs (Shell Co. The Hague), and Dr W. Meijer; Sarawak: Mt Matang (July 30-Aug. 1). Thailand (Aug. 15-Sept. 11; numbered Sleumer & Smitinand ± 1000-1400, and Sleumer 4745-4792).



Total collections of the expedition amount to c. 3500 numbers with numerous duplicates; 1st set in Leiden [L], from where the dupl. are distributed, also to Herb. Edinb. [E]. The bulk of the collection is labelled van Royen & Sleumer, nos 5625-8259 (continuation of van Royen’s series); in E. New Guinea the nos Sleumer 4125-4190, in the Arfak Mts (W. New Guinea) the nos 4191-4490 and Sleumer & Vink BW nos 14001-14359; during the 2nd Arfak trip the nos Sleumer 4491-4507.



(1) Cf. Fl. Mal. Bull. no 17, 1962, 887-890; ibid. no 18, 1963, p. 988; H. Sleumer: ‘Rhododendron in Neu-Guinea’ (Jahrb. Rhodod. Ges. 1963, p. 7-32, 39 photogr. 1 map, incl. itinerary).

(2) H. Sleumer: ‘Rhododendron in Borneo and Thailand’ (Jahrb. Rhodod. Ges. Bremen 1965, p. 7-27, 26 photogr.). Cf. Fl. Mal. Bull. no 19, 1964, p. 1113-1114.


biographical data:

Blumea 19, 1971, p. 199-210, portr., bibliogr.


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