Collecting localities




Schodde, Richard


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1936, Adelaide, S. Australia.



Was educated at the University of Adelaide, graduated with B.Sc. Hons in Botany in 1961. Between 1958-59 he worked in the State Herbarium of S. Australia, and since April 1960 he was appointed systematic botanist with the Division of Land Research and Regional Survey, C.S.I.R.O., Canberra, Australia. In 1967 he was working for a Ph.D. on Monimiaceae in Adelaide; author of papers on Papuasian botany. Later he resumed his work at Canberra, and about 1970 joined the Wild Life section of C.S.I.R.O. as an ornithologist.


Collecting localities:

1960. Mand. Terr. of New Guinea: with R.D. Hoogland in Morobe Distr.: Labu swamps near Lae (June 15), Zenag Hill (16); Western Highlands Distr.: vicinity of Tchak and Tale River valleys, near Wapanamanda (23-July 10), Mount Sugarloaf grassland area (11-24), vicinity of Kepilam, Lagaip valley (30-Aug. 13), Yobobos, headwaters of Lagaip River (16-Sept. 7).-1961. Neth. New Guinea, Central Range: Wamena (Baliem valley) to foot of Wilhelmina Top. c. 13,000 ft, ± via Wamena River valley (June 1-8). Papua, Southern Highlands Distr.: vicinty of Kiburu, near Mendii, c. 5500-6500 ft (June 26-July 9), Mendi, 5200 ft and Dimifa, 7200 ft (June 27), Ebenda, SW. foot of Mount Giluwe, 6500-7000 ft (July 16-28), SW. slope of Mt Giluwe, 8500 ft (Aug. 3), western summit grasslands of Mt Giluwe (Aug. 7-23; 26), western slopes of Mt Giluwe above Karel, 8300-9100 ft (25-Sept. 2), Enep-Dimifa, 7100 ft (Sept. 7), around Lake Kutubu,1 c. 2500-3000 ft (16-Oct. 9).-1962. Papua: Brown River area near Port Moresby (July 1-31), Rigo area (Aug. 6-17), Sogeri plateau (Aug. 27-Oct. 1).-1964. Solomons: Bougainville (July 16-Sept. 23).-1966. Papua: Gulf Distr. (Jan. 9-Mar. 18); Aseki area, Kukukuku ranges, Morobe Distr. (Mar. 31-Apr. 29), with L.A. Craven.-1969. Owen Stanley Range and Mt Wadimana (E. summit Simpson massif), middle of the year.-1970. With A. Kanis in Papua: Astrolabe Range and near Efogi on the Kokoda Trail.



With Hoogland in the NGF series (1960), Herb. Lae [LAE]; c. 1150 nos (1306-2456) in Herb. Canb. [FRI] (C.S.I.R.O.), dupl. distributed as those of Hoogland.2 Wood-samples with the Div. of Forest Products, C.S.I.R.O., Melbourne, Dept of Forests, Lae and Port Moresby, and C.S.I.R.O. Herb. Canberra. Bougainville collections ser. 3581-4131; 1966 N.G. coll. nos 4200-5090 were made with the assistance of L.A. Craven. He collected in Australia and Tasmania too.



(1) R. Schodde & W.B. Hitchcock: ‘Report on the birds of the Lake Kutubu area, Terr. of Papua and New Guinea’ (Div. Wild Life Res. CSIRO, Canberra, Techn. Paper 13, 1968, p. 1-73, 5 fig.).

(2) E.B. Bartram: ‘Mosses of the Western Highlands of Eastern New Guinea’ (Rev. Bryol. Lichen. n.s. 30, 1961, p. 185-207).