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Coert, Johan Hendrik


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Addenda & Corrigenda)


Born: 1887, Bloemendaal near Haarlem, Holland. 

Died: Oct. 26,1945, ex-prisoner camp at Bandoeng, Java.



Took his degree at Zurich University (Switzerland) on a thesis ‘Beziehungen zwischen Lichtreaktion and Assimilation anorganischer Substanzen durch Pflanzen’. In Dutch military service (till 1916); Group-Adviser in the employ of the Java Sugar Experiment Station (Pasoeroean), stationed at Kediri 1917-23, Ngandjoek-Madioen (Kediri) 1923-29, Sidhoardjo 1929-30; Agricultural Adviser of the firm of Tiedeman & van Kerchem since 1930, residing at Soerabaja.

He was a very active vice-president of the D.E.I. Nat. History Society.


Collecting localities:3

N.B. The Addenda & Corrigenda (A&C) comprise much more detailed information about the collecting trip than part 1 (part 1). Both will be displayed chronologically with between [] the source.

[A&C] 1916. S. Africa: Tafelberg (June 8, 13); E. Java: Djember (Nov. 17).-1918. Zandzee and G. Bromo (Febr. 24).-1919. G. Keloed with Ir M. Valkenburg (June 16-17), Kali Poetih, between s.f. Garoem and Popoh (July 16), G. Keloed (Aug. 6, 21-22).-1920. Centr. Java: G. Merbaboe (Apr. 13), G. Merapi (Apr. 15), G. Merbaboe (Apr. 22), Selo (Apr. 22-27); E. Java: Kediri (June 2).-1921. Beach near Popoh1 (July 31), Pasoeroean with Jeswiet & Tengwall (Aug. 7), G. Wilis (Aug. 14, 1200 m alt.); Ceylon: Colombo (Sept. 15).-1922. E. Java: G. Keloed (Nov. 15), G. Pandan summit (Dec. 19).-1923. Kali Wides, pr. dessa Wilangan (Jan. 31); Sarangan (Apr. 10-11), Soerabaja w. Rant (July 15), Soetji w. Dorgelo & Rant (Aug. 26), G. Lawoe (Apr. 16-25).-1924. Sarangan, slope G. Lawoe (Apr. 7-29).

[part 1] E. Java. 1925. S of Ngawi, s.f. Soedhono.

[A&C] 1925. Sarangan (Jan. 7, 13, and March 10-27), Poedjon and Dorowati (March 31); s.f. Soedhono, Kediri-Madioen (June 19, w. Erkelens); Poedjon-Ngantang w. Backer (July 26), Sarangan (Dec. 26-27).

[part 1] 1926. Ngawi (Madioen), Kediri, Saradan-Ngandjoek.

[A&C] 1926. Gadoengan Paree ? w. van der Veen (Febr. 21); Centr. Java: Parangtritis, S of Djokja (Dec. 29)

[part 1] 1927. s.f. Poerwodadi (Madioen), Kediri (with Schröter), Rawah Bening (with Schröter), G. Keloed and Sarangan (with Schröter), G. Andjasmoro (Ngantang) (with Schröter); Modjokerto; W. Java: G. Papandajan, G. Patoeha, G. Tiloe, Bandoeng.

[A&C] 1927. W. Java: Priangan Res. (Jan.), collecting on G. Patoeha (12-13), G. Papandajan and at Tjileuleuh (19), on G. Tiloe (20), at Pengalengan (21), etc.; E. Java: Ngantang (March 6), teak forest of Saradan (March 29), Pasoeroean (March 31), Moenoeng Forestry (Apr. 4, May 5), s.f. Poerwodadi (Apr. 28), Rawah Bening’ (June 26, w. Schröter), Moenoeng Forestry (July 10), Gadoengan Forestry (Aug. 1, w. Geerts and Mrs Geerts-Ronner), Rawah Bening (Sept. 19); Ceylon (Oct. 20); possibly in this year on G. Ardjoeno near Tretes.

[part 1] 1928. W. Java: G. Tampomas.-E. Java. 

[A&C]1928. Switzerland: Lugano (March 17); E. Java: Besoeki on G. Wilis (Aug. 12), Soekoredjo (Aug. 21), Sarangan (Aug. 31, Sept. 2-4), Idjen Plateau (Oct. 3); W. Java: G. Tampomas (Oct. 28), Kawah Kamodjan (Nov. 4); E. Java: G. Keloed (Nov. 26, 28), Redjoso (Nov. 30).

[part 1] 1929. Kediri, Saradan; Madoera with Rant (Sept.).

[A&C]1929. G. Keloed (Febr. 3), Poedjon and Tretes (March 3), coast near Sidoardjo (March 17), G. Keloed (March 23), Sarangan (Apr. 1), Rawah Bening1 (Apr. 14), Lebaksari (Apr. 21, May 31); Madoera: Kamal and Boerni (Sept. 22); E. Java: Grissee (Oct. 2), iodine wells near Bangil (Oct. 12); Madoera (Oct. 13); E. Java: Sarangan (Dec. 23).

[part 1] 1930. E. Java: Trawas (near Soerabaja).

[A&C] 1930. Sarangan (Jan. 1-4, 14), iodine wells near Bangil (March 25), Soetji (Apr. 27), Altingstraat ( ? Soerabaja or ? Lawang) (May 4), Trawas (May 11), teak forest Pandjeran-Mantoep (June 25); G. Smeroe, Ajek Ajek and Ranoepani (Sept. 6-8); P. Sempoe (Sept. 21); P. Bawean (Oct. 10); E. Java: Nongkodjadjar (Nov. 5).

[part 1] 1931. Kediri, Rawah Bening.1

[A&C] 1931. Laboehan-Kesambi I (Apr. 24).

[part 1] G. Lawoe (Oct.-Nov. 1932)

[A&C] 1932. Pogal, W. Tengger (Febr. 8); Patjet (July 3), G. Lawoe (Nov. 5); W. Java: Kadipaten (Dec. 7).-1933. E. Java: Ranoe Daroengan (S. slope G. Smeroe) (May 26); Ajek Ajek and G. Smeroe (Sept. 6); Madoera and P. Kebanang (Sept. 16).

[part 1] G. Lawoe (Nov. -Dec. 1934)

[A&C] 1934. E. Java: G. Karanganjar (Jan. 25), G. Baloeran (Febr. 9), Ranoe Pani to Sendoero (slope ‘Smeroehoeve’ to Loemadjang) (Febr. 11), s.f. Kenongo in Kediri (Apr. 19-20), G. Semongkrong (July 13), G. Lawoe (Nov. 5-26).

[part 1] G. Lawoe (Apr. 1935); s.f. Kenongo (May 1935).

[A&C] 1935. S.f. Kenongo (Jan. 24), N. Jang (May 13), Rawah Bening (May 30), G. Keloed (Aug. 4), Trawas-upper course Kali Gembolo (Aug. 25), Pass Trodjiwo-Sideramping (Nov. 16), G. Lawoe (Nov. 19), Rawah Bening (Nov. 30).-1936. SW. Celebes: Bantimoeroeng (May 27); E. Borneo: Balikpapan (May 30); Luzon: Manila (June 3); China: Hongkong (June 6-7), Canton (8), Biwa Lake (10), Shanghai (13); Japan: Nagasaki (15), Kobe (16), Mizoro-ga-ika ( ? ) (19), Hacone telephone hill (20), Sanjoku-Nagao-toke (21); Honolulu (July); U.S.A.: San Francisco (9), Yosemite (11), Yellowstone (14).

[part 1] P. Bawean (with Buwalda, Nov. 20-30, 1937)

[A&C] 1937. Port Saïd (Febr. 2); Ceylon: Colombo (Febr. 11); Singapore (Febr. 16); E. Java: G. Wilis (March 28), Kepoetih E of Soerabaja (Nov. 7); P. Bawean w. Buwalda (Nov. 27-30);2 E. Java: Pogal (Dec. 12).

[part 1] P. Bawean (July 25-28, 1938).2

[A&C] 1938. W. Java: Tjikidang, Lembang and G. Lingkoeng (Febr. 13); Madoera: Boerni (Apr. 3); E. Java: G. Keloed (Apr. 10), G. Tengger-Smeroe (Apr. 16-18); G. Bahoeng near Lawang (Nov. 6).-1939. G. Keloed (Apr. 7), Rawah Bening (Aug. 27), G. Goenting above Tretes (Nov. 14); Indra near Grissee, and G. Lenggis (Nov. 26).-1940. ? W. Java: G. Kassoer near Lembang, and G. Poeloesari (Apr. 21); E. Java: Soetji (Sept. 29), Grissee and environs (Oct. 13); G. Smeroe, Soembermanis near Batjangan Plain (Nov. 4); Centr. Java: Kopeng (G. Merbaboe) (Dec. 25-26), G. Telomojo (Dec. 30).

[part 1] E. Madoera: dunes (Apr. 12 and May 9, 1941). 

[A&C] 1941. E. Java: Zandzee, G. Bromo and G. Penandjaän (Febr. 28); Zandzee, G. Bromo and Tosari (Apr. 12); Madoera: G. Waroe (May 7); Lapadaja, dunes (May 8); dunes near Sergang (9); Banka: Wadoek Rias and sand-pit Rias (Sept. 24), Sg. Selang (= Slan) (25), spit of land Bakit, Belinjoe (26); E. Java: G. Andjasmoro (end of Nov.).



Large private Herbarium, still intact. Some dupl. in Herb. Pasoer. [PAS now in BO]: 176 nos + 39 together with Prof.Dr C. Schröter (see there) (coll. 1927); and in Herb. Bog.  [BO] (e.g. 50 nos from G. Lawoe in 1936); some dupl. and his private herbarium (pres. 1949), in Herb. Leiden [L].

In 1949 his private collection was presented to the Rijksherbarium at Leiden [L] by Mrs Coert. The plants were consecutively numbered and provisionally named by Dr van Steenis. The original numbers consisted of 2 figures, e.g. 35.44, standing for no 44 of the year 1935; they may still be found on his labels. The labels often provide data on field ecology etc. The plants are very well preserved (treated with corrosive sublimate), but during the Japanese occupation in Java, about 110 of the collection was water-damaged, and had to be thrown away (incl. Tengger coll. 1941). The total collections amount to 1676 nos.



(1) J.H. Coert: ‘Excursies in Oost-Java’ I-II (Trop. Nat. 22, 1933, p. 62-68, 8 fig., and l.c. 23, 1934, p. 6-14, 26-31, 17 fig.).

(2) J.H. Coert: ‘Verslag van de excursie naar het eiland Bawean’ (Hand. 8e N.I. Nat. Wet. Congr. 1939, p. 525-533, with App. on fossils by J. Oostingh, l.c. p. 534-535).

(3) Data taken by Dr van Steenis from the herbarium labels. In several localities only one plant was collected; these have been omitted from this list.