Collecting localities




Maass, Alfred


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)



Ethnologist who made a tour to the Mentawai Islands with Dr Morris, and some Sumatra expeditions; the last one together with Kleiweg de Zwaan (see there) for anthropological investigations.


Collecting localities:

1897. From Emmahaven (July 28) to the Mentawai Islands, W of Sumatra: Sioban on P. Sipora (written by Maass as Si Oban on Süd-Pora), staying in the island till Sept. 22, without crossing it. Practically spoken he visited only the cultivated part of the island.1-Before 1904. Sumatra West Coast, Padang Highlands: lakes of Manindjau and Singkarak; S. Sumatra: Benkulen, Kepahiang, Pasar Tjurup, Muara Bliti, Palembang.2-1907. Through Central Sumatra: Padang (Febr. 9); Fort de Kock; Alahan Pandjang, Si Djindjing; basin of the Upper Batang Hari; from Sidjundjung via Taluk and G. Sahilan to Siak, from where departing July 30.3



A few plants from Sipora (Mentawai Isls).4 In the same island he collected butterflies on behalf of Dr Hagen (see there). Probably he made no, or hardly any, botanical collection in Sumatra. As far as possible Treub provided him with the Latin names of medicinal plants, based on a list of vernacular names only. By the intermediary of Dr Jensen a collection of medicinal plants was collected by ‘doekoens’ (medicine-men) and sent to Holland; they were identified by Greshoff and Hallier. In some cases the classification was impossible, probably due to bad and sterile material.5

He might have collected some Fungi in Sumatra.6



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