Biographical data


Peitsch, Georg Joseph


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1788, Bruchsaal, Baden, Germany.



Army Surgeon, contemporary of Blume; in 1827 appointed Head of the D.E.I. Medical Service (Civil and Military); in 1836 he went to Europe.



He is cited by Blume1 as a contributor of scientific material from Java, and by Engler2 as a collector in Banda (Moluccas).

From a letter in the ‘Rijksarchief’3 it is evident that Peitsch sent a collection of useful plants from Banda to Blume, in about 1832; the collection was incorporated in Herb. Leiden [L]. This is probably identical with the collection listed sub Anonymous, Moluccas.



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(3) Brief Min. Binn. Zaken, sent by Blume, 25 Febr. 1834, No 108, 5e afd. (dated 24 Febr. 1834); seen by Dr H.C.D. de Wit.


biographical data:

No. Stamb. off. K.N.I.L. no. 388, p. 24.