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Vogel, Eduard Ferdinand de


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1942, Schiedam, Netherlands.



Biologist, educated at Leiden University, where he took his Masterís degree in 1970; in Sept. 1971 he went to Bogor, Java, in charge of a 3-years development cooperation project on the study of primary forest tree seedlings, sponsored by NUFFIC. He founded a nursery for seedlings in the Bogor Botanic Gardens.


Collecting localities:




1971. SE. Borneo (Kalimantan Selatan) with J. Dransfield, K. Kartawinata, three assistants of the L.B.N., Bogor, and an assistant from the University of Bandjermasin: Proceeding from Bogor to Djaro near Muara Uja (Nov. 8), alluvial flat and hills around Djaro Dam (9-18), Batu Kumpai, limestone hill near Djaro (20), limestone hills around Djaro (21-22), alluvial flat around Djaro (23-24), proceeding to Gunung Sarempaka (25), Gunung Sarempaka (bivouac) (26), back to Djaro Dam (27), back to Bogor (Nov. 28-Dec. 5).-1972. W. Java: G. Gedeh-Pangrango, above Tjibodas (Feb. 2). S. Sumatra (with his wife I. de Vogel-Ravestijn, J. Dransfield, and three assistants of L.B.N., Bogor): proceeding from Bogor to Seleman Enim, near Muara Enim (March 7-8), neighbourhood of Muara Enim (9-11), proceeding to Bukit Seburong, near Muara Dua (12-13), Bukit Seburong area (bivouac) (14-16), proceeding to Bandung Agung, along shore Danau Ranau (17), neighbourhood Bandung Agung and Balik Bukit near Kota Batu (18-19), return to Bogor, collecting 20 km SE of Martapura (20-21). W. Java: G. Gedeh-Pangrango, above Tjibodas (March 25); Dungus Iwul, about 10 km W of Kabupaten Bogor, on road Bogor-Labuan (Apr. 10). Pulau Peutjang, Udjon Kulon N.R., as guest of Biotrop course Forest Ecology: proceeding to Pulau Peutjang (June 19-20), Udjon Kulon peninsula, path of lighthouse, Pulau Peutjang, along beach, around guesthouse (21), transect 1, behind guesthouse (22), around transect Kartawinata (23), along beach and on flatland (24), flatland and marsh (25), hills and flatland (26), flatland (28), back to Bogor (29-30). N. Sumatra G. Leuser Reserve, Ketambe, N of Kota Tjane, partly with W.J.J.O. de Wilde, his wife B. de Wilde-Duyfjes, H. Rijksen and his wife (July 8-25): proceeding to Ketambe, on the way collecting in Sibolangit Botanic Gardens (July 8-9), G. Leuser Reserve, Ketambe, about 30 km N of Kota Tjane, surroundings of Alas valley (10-14), proceeding to G. Ketambe, in above-mentioned company, collecting along Lau Ketambe (15), ridge of G. Ketambe, 540 up to 1700 m (16), ridge to peaks of G. Ketambe (17-19), back to Ketambe, collecting along ridge and river (20), surroundings Alas valley (21-23), back to Bogor (24-25). Pulau Peutjang, Udjon Kulon Nature Reserve, with I. de Vogel-Ravestijn, J.F. Veldkamp and his wife, and several others: proceeding to P. Peutjang (25-26), P. Peutjang (27-31), Udjon Kulon peninsula (Aug. 31-Sept. 1), back to Bogor. Kalimantan Selatan, with A. Everaarts and assistant of L.B.N., Bogor: Proceeding to Jaro (neighbourhood of Muara Uja) (Okt. 10-12), neighbourhood of Jaro Dam, alluvial flat and hills (13-14), Batu Kumpai, limestone hill (15), neighbourhood of Jaro Dam, alluvial flat and hills (16-18), proceeding to Gunung Sarempaka, bivouac (19), alluvial flat at foot of G. Sarempaka (20-24), side of G. Sarempaka up to ridge, limestone (22-24), alluvial flat (25), top ridge G. Sarempaka, bivouac, collecting on limestone ridges and a clay slope, up to 960 m, but unable to reach the top of G. Sarempaka (Oct. 26-Nov. 3), alluvial flat (Nov. 4-5), back to Jaro Dam (6), neighbourhood of Jaro Dam (9-10), back to Bogor (no collections (11-15).-1973. Kalimantan Selatan: leaving Bogor (Mar. 3), proceeding to Jaro (5), staying 3 weeks in the same region as in Oct./Nov. 1972.



> 1440 nos, 1st set Bogor [BO], 2nd set at Leiden [L], next sets not yet sorted out. Of his most important collections the numbers run as follows: Kalimantan Selatan (1971): 700-1199, S. Sumatra: 1209-1349, Udjon Kulon Nature Reserve: 1363-1411, N. Sumatra: 1413-1568, Kalimantan Selatan (1972): 1585-2142.


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